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Unlock Unlimited Growth: Monthly Lead Generation and Sales Success Blueprint!

  1. Create Offer and Funnel Design

    • We will work with you to create an enticing offer or optimize your existing offer page to maximize conversions.

    • Design a complete funnel with its own domain name to guide visitors towards becoming paying customers. (not included in the package)


  2. Setup Facebook and Instagram Conversion Tracking Pixels

    • Implement tracking pixels on your website to accurately measure conversions and campaign performance on Facebook and Instagram.


  3. Ad Creation and Testing

    • Write and design multiple versions of ads for Facebook and Instagram.

    • Conduct A/B testing over a week to identify the most effective ad that yields the highest conversion rates.


  4. Engagement and Content Creation

    • Craft daily posts to engage your audience and promote your products.

    • Tailor content to resonate with selected audiences to gauge effectiveness for future ad campaigns.


  5. Campaign Launch and Scaling

    • Launch campaigns with a limited budget and carefully monitor performance.

    • Scale successful campaigns as they generate sales and optimize ad spend for maximum ROI.


  6. Daily Management and Reporting

    • Manage campaigns daily, optimizing targeting, ad creatives, and budgets.

    • Provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing campaign performance and key metrics.


  7. Zoom Calls and Training

    • Offer Zoom calls and training sessions as needed to address questions, provide insights, and optimize strategies for continued success.


This workflow outlines the comprehensive process our Ad Management Clients will experience, from initial offer creation to ongoing campaign management and optimization.


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