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Praise for our services...


Of all the marketing companies I dealt with you guys are the best. Never have I had such a personal experience during the development process. Never have I been able to pick up the phone and get so much attention. This is priceless.


I am totally satisfied with the professional look of my product. It ranks in the top 5 as far as I'm concerned.


You just took my presentation to a whole new level. Everything is self explanatory and so user friendly.


I have already begun to share your work with others as well as putting myself in the hopper for a repeat visit. I have another venture. I know it's going to be grand. Everyone I know that's in the industry will know about this amazing company -


George Dixon, Internet Marketer,

“I wanted to start providing marketing services under my brand to business owners and found WebpreneurMedia's Digital Agency Reseller program perfect.

After checking on Fiverr, I didn't get any advice or help on marketing. I picked Webpreneur because of customer service or follow ups and they are USA based.

My first call from Abe was great. He gave me some amazing advice about how to plan a digital marketing agency business. So far everything is going well. I had several edits which I did it myself. I'm looking forward to the future.

I'm still busy in the physical work world and trying to transition to digital and Abe and Martha have been patient with me and the way we communicate, by phone or text makes it very easy.Their advice and wanting me to succeed is genuine. I would recommend them with my friends.

David Wong - Shopyfy store owner, and digital marketing services


I needed a great funnel for my offer. I researched all over and picked WebpreneurMedia's
service for two main reason - Their funnel design was top notch and it was priced right.

I loved working with Abe & Martha. It felt like I was working with my friends who had my back
every step of the way.

As a web designer myself, I was more than impressed by the funnel they did for me. It really
surpassed my expectation.

The follow up emails, communication, the copy, the intuitive way the funnel was built - It was perfect.

I am already recommending WebpreneurMedia services to my entire team! I'll be back for more marketing services in the future!” -


PerryLee Tawara, Online Business Builder & Web Designer.


“I've worked with Abe on numerous projects in last couple of years, consulting on copy and content. He's an excellent collaborator - always prepared, with great input, and fun to work with. He's also an expert on PPC advertising, driving traffic, and funnels - a veritable Internet Marketing wizard with (dare I say it?) decades of experience in the field. If you get a chance to work with him, for him, or alongside him, don't miss out. I'm glad I didn't.” -


Ivan Srsen, Copywriter & Content Strategy Expert.

Abe is a hard working CEO. Along with several of his employees Martha and Ben who have helped me recently with my campaigns. I'm looking forward to continue my relationship with Abe and his Team as my business has progressed to over 30 websites now.

All my websites use Abe's companies which have been around for some time now. Great Guy and Great Team! -


JC Hines, Owner CEO, J&MGlobalMarketing(dot)com.

Abe's marketing agency is perfect for affiliates and small businesses to work with!  I've known Abe Cherian for over 8 years when he hired me as his business coach. He's a great guy to work with and really cares for his clients.


Terry Dean, MyMarketingCoach(dot)com


“I am working with Abe now for several months. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his field, but also beyond helpful. Working with him has been a wonderful and rewarding experience, his helpfulness going the extra miles to make sure issues are addressed, using his outstanding marketing skills and knowledge is a breathe of fresh air.

His skills brought a lot of traffic to my site and helped my google ranking to go up tremendously. Abe is as good as it gets when it comes to marketing, SEO, etc. and his wonderful and helpful personality is just impeccable.”

Silvia Baumeister, Kitchner, Canada. Owner at


Abe is an online expert that has been online for several years.  The services he offers are world-class. It is a privilege to recommend Abe and his companies to you for any services you might require.  

Abe has been around since 1999 and has been serving online businesses with their website traffic and lead generation services.

He also offers a pay-per-click ad network platform called which I have utilized personally to advertise products online.


Kristie Chiles, Internet Marketer, Macon, Georgia.


Abe transitioned from a business contact to a highly valued friend & mentor when COVID hit.

I needed to pivot and quickly. Abe supplied the knowledge I needed in order to take off.

As a result, within 3 1/2 weeks, I was able to pivot niches and begin taking on paid video clients again, amidst the Pandemic.

When I need to bounce ideas or have a question, he jumps in and helps immediately. His support, mentoring, and friendship have been invaluable. He is highly skilled, knowledgeable, honest and extremely humble. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be connected with him.

He is an actual, 'Honest Abe,' and wears the title well! -


Lynn Silva, Digital Marketer, Owner, Micro-Targeted Videos.

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