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If you are not advertising on Google, you are leaving easy customers & money on the table. Period.


4 Million plus real businesses online and offline advertise and make a majority of their sales from their Google ads campaigns.


If you are not advertising on Google then you are not reaching a majority of your customers who are ready to buy.


Google Advertising Myths & Preconceptions You May Have That's Holding You Back From Bigger & Faster Success

There are many myths and baseless arguments about Google ads that is out there. This could very well be either not knowing enough about Google Ads or rumors spread by your competition, so that they get more clients for a cheaper advertising costs.

Here are some of those myths & preconceptions...


1. "I need a very large advertising budget"

It's a common misconception that to advertise on Google, you need tens of thousands of dollars in advertising budget. The reality is, you can start advertising on Google with a budget as low as $5 a day, or $150 a month. You can scale your budget when you start making profits.

2. "I have to pay $2 to $50 per click"

This is absolutely not true. Google wants it's advertisers to stick with them as long as you are in business. Google's algorithm is designed to get you maximum sales for the lowest ad spend as possible. Google platform is not a simple platform where anyone can learn how to setup campaigns. Google ad campaign managers know how to setup campaigns to gain the cheapest cost-per-click. With the help of an ad manager, you can find paying customers every single day.

3. "Google is too hard to figure out"

Like every extensive platform and business tools out there, Google has it's learning curve and it takes months to learn how everything works. A google certified person can help you with this by setting up and managing your campaigns.

4. "My Ads won't get approved!"

Getting your ads approved is a challenge, but if you work on getting your ads up to Google's standards, and working with a Google ads manager you can get it approved.



Why Advertising On Google Is The Most Profitable Way To Grow Your Business Ever

1. Google has 95.65% Share of Global Traffic.


Google is the world's number one website in terms of traffic. Youtube (owned by Google) the second biggest website in the world.

2. Search traffic is most targeted & best converting traffic.

Majority of people do searches on Google to do their research before they buy. If your website shows up on the first page or as an ad, you will most likely get them as a lead and a customer, before your competition.

3. Google ads increases trust and credibility instantly

It's not easy to get your ads approved on Google for a reason, they are very strict with quality and legitimacy of the the advertiser offers. Google's main focus is quality for their users. When you are seen on Google Ads, there is an automatic trust for your company and offer from users.

4. Google ads have high ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

When you know how to setup your campaigns the right way and design your landing page according to Google's standards, you will be rewarded with the cheapest cost-per-click than anywhere else online. Google ads can drive your CPC down and your return on investment high.

Let Us Setup & Manage Your Google Campaigns

As an agency, we have been working with Google Ads for over a decade. We can get your ads approved, setup everything and manage your campaigns for you so that you can provide better service to the clients that are coming in.

Our Google Ad Management Services Includes:


1. Initial Consultation.


We will need to find out what your goals are with the campaigns, and for that we will have a phone / skype call to start with.

2. Getting Your Offer & Landing Page Right

We can help you with the offer and landing page design according to Google's standards. This is a very important step to make your campaign successful.

3. Getting Your Ads Approved

Getting your ads approved by Google can be frustrating especially if you are in a specific niche that Google does not want. We can craft the landing page and the offers the right way so that we can get it approved for you.

4. Keyword Research

Selecting the right keywords and avoiding negative keywords is an important step in ensuring the success of your campaigns. We'll spend hours to find the perfect keyword and we will be adding keywords that Google recommends for your products.

5. Ad Designing & Writing

The headline, images, and text descriptions are key to getting the right prospects to click on your ads and take action.

6. Add Conversion Pixel

We will add the necessary conversion pixel to track all of your results in real time. This will allow Google to dial in your buyers and give us access to all tracking information.

7. Optimizing & Managing

Optimizing your ad headline, images, description, and keyword are an ongoing task to get maximum results from your campaigns. We will be monitoring your campaigns every day.

8. Reporting & Ongoing Support

We love to work closely with all of our clients. Your ad management person will be in touch with you on a regular basis, so that you are informed of all your campaigns and results.


Abe (and his team) are online advertising expert that has been online for several years.  The services they offer are world-class. It is a privilege to recommend Abe and his companies to you for any services you might require. I use pay-per-click ads management service which is the most successful campaigns I have run so far!


Kristie Chiles, Internet Marketer, Macon, Georgia.

Our Specialty Is Generating Leads & Sales For Home Based Business Professionals & Internet Marketing Businesses

Home based business professionals have many challenges when it comes to advertising and lead generation.


Since 2001 we have been helping the Home Based Business, Make Money Online Market, and Internet Marketing space.


We know how this market works with Google advertising. We can help you gain more leads and sales with Google the fastest way possible.


Google Ads Management Service That Will Save You A Ton And Make Your Business Grow Faster!

Advertising your business on Google varies according to what you want to spend on ads and how quickly you want to grow your online business. We know how much you value your time and we know that you want returns from your campaigns as quick as possible.

We can't give you a specific price right now, unless we speak with you and find out what your goals and budget is towards growing your online business. If you are ready to spend $500 per month on Google advertising, we would love to speak with you and show you how we can 10X your ad investment by managing your campaigns for you.

Go ahead and Book a Call right now and chat with me, Abe Cherian or Martha Merten today!

Have questions? Call us 1(888) 674 6168


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