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10 Phrases to Avoid Using When Selling

When it comes to sales and closing there are phrases that you use to close and sell your products and services. There are phrases that you absolutely want to avoid using.

Here’s 10 phrases to Avoid using when Selling your Products or Services

1. "To Be Honest with You"...

So what you are saying is that the whole conversation that we had up to this point was a complete lie. When you say that to someone a red flag goes up and in their minds you are a liar. You killed any deal or trust before even getting started.

2. "Trust me"

Now you’ve had someone say this to you before. Do you trust them? Your actions will show if they should trust you are not so just don’t say it.

3. "Sorry to Bother You"

People are going to think if you’re so sorry then why are you bothering me. I get this on the phone a lot. If you’re so sorry then don’t call me. Just remember that when it comes to closing in sales, the prospect has the power. So if you’re selling you want to be confident and turn the table on them.

4. "I’m just Following up with You"

People use this all the time so you’re probably asking, “What’s wrong with asking that”? Think about when someone said that to you, I'm just following up with you. The words follow up have been used for so long by so many sales people that it automatically triggers a response in their head, “Oh, you're trying to sell me something”! Big problem for you, the seller. That's the problem.

5. "Would you Like to Buy This?"

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. When you ask someone if they would like to buy, that is a super trigger which will cause a lot of tension between you and the buyer. Instead you can say would you like to move forward or would you like to take advantage of this. By saying it that way, you make the buyer think they are in control and the tension is gone.

6. "Are you ready to sign the Contract"?

Big NO! Never use that sentence. Right away the buyer thinks "I am now going to sign my life away and I am going to be stuck with these payments". Instead say “Let’s get the paperwork out of the way”. It is still a contract but that wording is much less dangerous to the buyer. It is much less intimidating.

7. "I have not heard back from you"

Yeah! Because they have been trying to avoid you. That’s why. When you ask that question your prospect knows why, they don’t want you to contact them. It creates resistance between you and the prospect. Don’t make them feel guilty by asking them that. Offer them something instead. By doing this when they are ready they will do business with you.

8. "I know that you are a very busy individual or I know you are a very successful individual"

Using the word individual is very cold and institutional. Would you speak to your friends or family that way. No you wouldn’t. Use more casual words or more conversational phrases. Be friendly and put people at ease.

9. "Our Company is better than that other company __fill in the blanks.________"

Never put down your competition. Even if all that you say is true and you are better, your prospect is thinking you are just saying that because you want their money. Let your prospect come to their own conclusions. Praise your competition. Realize that the prospect is talking to you, not to your competition so there is a reason for that. They haven’t made a decision yet so that is a really good sign for you.

10. "It will cost you this much"

Don’t talk about what your service or products costs. Give value instead. Tell them what they are going to get from your product or service. How it will benefit them and solve THEIR problems. That is priceless to people if it solves their problems and is helpful. You will gain their trust and they will surely respond by becoming your client.

I hope this blog post will help with your sales. Leave a comment or question. Enjoy!


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