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2 Essential Trends for Network Marketing Success in 2020

If you are serious about your success this year here are two trends that you should implement now or should have already.

I don’t know if you realized but network marketing businesses are becoming more product orientated.

The reason being is so many companies have been shut down because they concentrated more on the compensation plan then the actual products.

So many companies have a product but the trouble is when they say that you have to buy this product to even qualify for commissions.

That is the way network marketing has been and it is changing. The old business model is recruit, recruit, and recruit more.

Instead the product now must stand on it’s own. I think the way the FTC looks at it is you should have more customers than affiliates. So the product must stand on it’s own. If you’re with a company that’s is not doing the right thing then I suggest you get out of your company now and find one that is conducting themselves properly.

Find a company that has a powerful product that people would buy and use regardless of a compensation plan. It's actually going to be better for business and it's much safer for you in the long term.

The second big trend that's happening in 2020 is we're seeing the rise of authority networking.

This is awesome because you are building your own brand and standing on your own two feet in front of the company that you are promoting as opposed to behind it.

The old way was to talk just about the company and not about yourself just focusing on the business.

That’s dangerous for you because there is no security for you and let’s face it the industry is so saturated with that already. How many times have you seen people joining a company and promoting it the same way with the same material everyone else uses.

So what we must do is build ourselves, our brand, and our authority so that when you do introduce your business or product someone listens to you.

Remember the “Who” is more important than the “What”!

Just because your product has a $75 trillion dollar industry behind it, no one cares. It is you they are interested in and that is why it is so important to brand yourself now without the company and stand out from the crowd.

If you are not doing this yet then I suggest you get started. Thing are definitely changing and you want to go with the times or you will go out with times.


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