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3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Pinterest

Let’s talk about how you can use Pinterest to drive a ton of traffic to your website.

Pinterest is not just a place for recipes, DIY projects, and makeup tutorials. You can actually should be using this platform for your business.

So let me give you three techniques to use on Pinterest to drive massive traffic to your website.

You must get specific

What I mean by this is you want to attract the right people to your website which would be people that are interested in your content and the offers that you have available on your site.

If you are not focusing on attracting the right people then you are going to have a ton of traffic coming to your site but these people won’t stick around to read your content because they weren’t targeted correctly to begin with.

Because of that these people will not purchase your product or services and will not be engaged with your business at all, so this is just a waste of time for you.

Because your business is unique it provides a specific solution for the perfect person and you need to convey that using Pinterest and attract the right people so you need to be very specific with your boards and the content on your profile this way you attract the right people for your business. I know the vanity number is huge and many people get caught up in getting a ton of page views month after month, but don’t. This isn’t going to help grow your business.

Change your Mindset

Pinterest is not a social media platform like Instagram, facebook, or twitter. Each one of these platforms is different and Pinterest needs to be used like a visual search engine which means you can get your content and your pins in front of a larger audience, even if you only have a small amount of people following you on Pinterest. This is so powerful to grow your business.

You will need to focus on simple basic SEO principles and tactics to help you get in front of the right audience.

You need to be using Pinterest strategically by using specific keywords within your content, your bio, and your board so that you are getting put in front of the right people.

Pinterest users can hop on one of your pins or hops on your profile they can see is this right content for me or is this the wrong content for me? You don't want to attract everyone. So when you use these specific keywords, it's actually going to repel the people that you don't want coming to your website, or aren't the right people for the offers that you have to sell. So your focus is always on trying to get in

Pin Consistently

Pinterest has told us again and again how important it is to pin consistently throughout the week and on a consistent basis rather than just sitting down one time and putting a ton of pins and then not going back to Pinterest again.

When it comes to Pinterest your traffic is going to continually grow month after month because of the lifespan of a pin.

So you don't need to be pinning hundreds of pins every single day. Now focus on pinning quality pins on a consistent daily basis and Pinterest will start to recommend your boards and recommend your content to Pinterest users when you are consistent. So I definitely recommend that you come up with a pinning schedule that will allow you to consistently pin every single day.

If you use these techniques I can guarantee that using Pin


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