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3 Mindsets That Will Change Your Life

4 Charisma Mindsets You Should Live By

But, don`t get me wrong, I`m not here to brag. I wasn`t always that confident, but I taught myself how to have charisma and appeal to people where they are – while still maintaining a decent level of self-esteem – and today I`m showing you some of what I know is essential to building charisma. It`s called creating the right charisma mindset.

Where charisma really starts?

Charisma begins with your mindset. It`s like a code to a computer software. Get the code right, and you`re all set. Get it wrong, however, and you don`t have a properly-working software. Simply see the world through the window of charismatic people, and you`ll be like them.

So, as I said, you need to have the right mindset to have charisma. And without further ado, here are my top four mind-shifts you need to consider to build your awesome character.

Mindset #1: When things go crazy, I`ll be the calmest person in the room

A friend, a super cool one, once told me the secret to his outstanding poise under pressure. He once watched the former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, say nothing helped him stay calm during the 9/11 attacks better than an old advice he got from his father who told him:

“When things go crazy, get out of control, and everyone is freaking out, you become calm. You be the calmest man in the room. Go as far as to become unnaturally calm. Be so calm and focused that you can look at the situation objectively, see what can be done and that everyone looks at you to be the leader.”

My friend used that quote every day while meditating till its effect rubbed off on him.

And I want you to do the same. Meditate cause it can save your life —it can even make you lose weight —, and it’ll give you that unshakeable poise under pressure. The same one charismatic people have.

Mindset #2: I am lucky

You must believe that good things come to you because that`s how you attract them. All successful people —charismatic and not-charismatic— have a positive attitude towards life. This attitude is important because:

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