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3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Network Marketing Team When You're Just Starting Out

This is a huge issue when you are starting out in Network Marketing. How do you get people to join your team?

What if you don’t have any results yet, you don’t know how the process works, or you haven’t even gotten your product yet, if that applies? You’re probably thinking to yourself, I need to learn everything right now or I need to know it all before I get started.

In this post I’m going to share with you three simple steps to create fast results for your business right away.

First, you want to share your story, your Why. Be excited about it and share with confidence.

Write down why you decided to use the products and why you decided to start your business. Get a little vulnerable and be excited about it so people vibe with you. You can do a facebook live on your profile and announce to everyone what has gotten you so excited and what you were doing right before you decided to get into your new business. Really get serious about your message and exude confidence while your doing this live video.

Then you can ask anyone at the end if they share a similar story and to get in touch with you. If you are uncomfortable about doing a facebook live right away then do a short post on your social media pages using the same formula.

The second step would be to share a third party story.

When your just starting out sometimes you have to share other people’s stories. You can share how you met your mentor and what kind of results they get. Also what are their accomplishments so far.

Get with your upline/leader and ask them some questions and let them know you want to share their story and ask them to give you some good talking points to use and get their story out to the masses.

The third step is always lean on your leadership for the first 30 days.

Ask your leader to help with potential clients by doing third party calls with them so you can hear how they approach certain questions that are asked and what answers they are giving.

This provides a great training resource for you and you then in turn can use this to help your new team members.

When starting out you need your story, a helpful upline or leader, and someone to watch over you for the first 30 days. With these three steps all things are possible.


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