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5 Proven Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

In this post we'll be breaking down five advanced strategies to help you crush it with affiliate marketing this year.

The First Tip is to Share Products that You're Passionate About

When you share products that you love, use, and your passionate about then ultimately you can also build your brand, build trust with people, build your reputation and make money in the process.

My background is in video production and I use the best cheap camera for YouTube. I'm obsessed with tech and I’m also obsessed with cameras. It's my hobby and my passion. I love to study them and use them and try them and all these different things, so it's very natural. I think even that also helps my passion come across on camera.

So in short try to look for things that you're knowledgeable about, that you're passionate about, and that you care about...that really helps you make a greater impact with affiliate marketing.

The Second Tip is Brand Alignment

You know, there's a lot of opportunities there. Maybe you find an affiliate program that's very lucrative, but if it doesn't align with your brand it might be kind of hard to promote.

But for most of us, if we are a personal brand and we are putting our faith, our likeness, and our voice behind something, we want it to align with us. So on my tech channel, Think Media, I cover a lot of different things.

In some instances, you are sometimes able to find software and different kinds of affiliate programs that you can align with your brand. An example would be a standing desk, that I can get really excited about and that can be about brand alignment because I really love to use it.

Tip Number Three is Market Size and Search Activity

If you want to make big money with affiliate marketing, you actually need a big market at some level. If there's just not enough volume or not enough people that are searching or looking for certain things, then you potentially can't make a major impact.

So how much interest is there in your product and topic? This is important, and this is why you want to research before you start.

If I go to the YouTube search bar and I type in best camera, YouTube is really cool, it will predict the things that people are actually searching for. There’s a cool tool called

You can download it and it'll show you the search volume of different search terms. So this is actually now able to tell you a search volume of your keywords. This is how you will find your market size.

Tip Number Four is Timing is Everything

If you want to crush it with affiliate marketing timing is everything. If you are dealing in gift ideas depending on the season you know when to start promoting those particular products or services.

You're doing fall looks or doing summer. You're doing back to school. You might be doing timing related to events, all types of different things. Now let’s use the key term Black Friday. A Key tool here to use is Google Trends

If you type in the term black Friday, we actually learn that November 12 through 18 is when there's a massive rise in search and popularity for the term black Friday. So even though black Friday is November 26 as early as about 10 days or more before people start getting interested in it.

You can start reverse engineering and planning out the timing of your uploads and the content that you're putting out. You can type in any term you want to figure out and better strategically position your content for affiliate marketing and also views.


Tip Number Five is Maximize Trends

Two to three years ago I was paying attention to trends around my industry and where should I see the trends? Don't just look online. Look everywhere for trends in your industry.

So I remember walking into my local grocery store and boom, there's a whole display of these Christmas lights, like laser Christmas lights. When I just saw that display in a grocery store, I was like, man, these are becoming mainstream.

Then I thought to myself, I wonder if anyone is covering these on YouTube yet. This is still early, but they're mainstream. Like people want to look for him. So I went home, did my research and I was like, Whoa, man. A lot of people are looking for information about these laser Christmas led lights. There was barely no videos out about these.

So I was capitalizing on a trend. I was timing everything. I was early to a trend. So I sat down, shot a couple of videos and then sure enough, they blew up and that video generated a couple of thousand dollars in affiliate revenue. Plus, you know, on Amazon, if someone clicks your link, the cookie tracks for 24 hours.

Get subscribers and go out and meet people so you're winning on multiple different levels in the process. I hope you found those strategies valuable. This is a transcribe from Sean at Think Media. I will put the video below. Enjoy!


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