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7 Simple Sales Generating Videos You Can Make in One Day

7 Simple Sales Generating Videos You Can Make in One Day

Any one of these videos can be made in as little as a few minutes if you already know what to say into the camera.

Yet every single one of these can produce massive results when you incorporate them into your websites and sales funnels.

1. The ‘Questions-You-Get-Over-and-Over’ Video

Guaranteed your customers have questions, and most of the time they are the same questions over and over again.

Take a look at what prospects ask you about a product. Choose the questions that you get on a regular basis and then make a short video answering these questions. Place it on your sales page and your Q and A page.

This video is also a great chance to let your prospect see that you are real person who is there to help them make a good decision.

2. The ‘Who-the-Heck-is-This-Person’ Video

Your affiliate just sent a boatload of traffic to your site but these people don’t know you.

Make a short video detailing your bio or anything else pertinent that allows prospects to see, hear and get to know you. This builds familiarity and trust with you, your brand and your website.

3. The ‘Why-I-Love-This-Product’ Video

Here’s where you face the camera and tell your prospects why you personally love your product. Talk about how it’s changed your life or the lives of your customers, what you’ve gone through to bring this product to them, and how it can revolutionize their life, too.

4. The ‘Gimme-Your-Email’ Video

This is the video you place on your squeeze page as your convincer that handing over their email address to you is a good idea.

Before someone fills out a form - even one that asks for just an email address - they have doubts. They’re wondering if they should fill out the form, is someone going to contact them, will my email address be sent to that Nigerian prince or the male enhancement dude… so many worries.

5. The ‘This-Costs-Too-Darn-Much’ Video

This one is also known as the What-the-Heck-Does-it-Cost video, too. Prospects do NOT like having to search, scroll, dig, backtrack, click and so forth to find the price.

And unless your sales technique is to be the lowest priced product on the market, they’re also going to want to know why they should be spending more with you.

This video covers both of these items – how much does it cost and why is it a total bargain in terms of what they get back in exchange for their money.

6. The ‘These-Guys-Love-It-So-It-Must-Be-Good’ Video

This is where you offer your social proof including testimonials, endorsements, well-known customers and so forth.

You can have several of these videos on one page if you like. Better yet, create one video which you narrate that includes clips of customers extolling your virtues. In between clips you can also mention other reviews you’ve received, endorsements and so forth.

7. The “You-Better-Back-Up-What-You-Say” Video

Everyone says they have the best, fastest, biggest and prettiest product. So what? No one believes it until you back it up with proof.

Are your people the best? Give me some examples to prove it. Is your customer services world-class? How do I know that unless you tell me a couple of above-and-beyond customer service stories? Does your course teach me more or does it use a better method than any other course? Great, but I’m not going to believe it until you show me.

For every claim you make, try to find at least one example that proves it, and put your best ones in video form.

With rare exception all of these videos should be short – 2-5 minutes. The idea is to add to the content already on the page, not to replace that content. Make it super clear what the video is about and why they want to watch it. Be concise and interesting and never ever ramble.

Get to your point quickly with a smile. Be charming and fun. All of this might sound like a tall order, but basically if you imagine the camera is your favorite person, you’ll find these videos are remarkably easy to make.

And best of all, they can build trust and generate more sales.


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