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Affiliates – 3 Tricks to Making More Money with Little Effort

Affiliates – 3 Tricks to Making More Money with Little Effort

Here’s how to find and use even the most obscure affiliate programs.

Let’s say you’re in the fitness niche and you write a blogpost about Kettlebells – those weird gym weights that look like tea kettles without spouts.

In the past you would post the article and move on to something else.

But today you got just 1% smarter and you asked yourself… “I wonder if there is a Kettlebell affiliate program?”

First Trick – Too Easy?

You go to Google and you type in, “Kettlebell affiliate program” and you find SEVERAL affiliate products that are specifically for kettlebells. Some are workout plans and programs and others are selling the actual Kettlebells themselves.

You sign up with two affiliate programs and make a couple of quick changes to your blogpost. First you recommend to your readers where they can get a great deal on Kettlebells, and then you recommend your favorite Kettlebell workout program.

This didn’t take much time at all and yet you’ve potentially got two more affiliate programs making sales for you.

Second Trick – Kicking it Up a Notch

Now imagine you do this with every single blogpost you publish, as well as going back to your most popular past posts and doing it for those as well.

You could end up with several new affiliate programs making you sales. And again, it didn’t take all that much work.

Third Trick – Never-ending Kettlebell Commissions

And then imagine if you keep track of which affiliate programs are converting the best.

Remember that kettlebell workout plan you promoted last month? It’s selling like crazy. How about writing a SECOND blogpost about kettlebells and promoting that affiliate program again?

Or even making a kettlebell lead magnet and segmenting your list to find out who is interested in kettlebells, and then sending them an autoresponder sequence promoting perhaps 3 or more kettlebell programs over the following weeks?

Now you’re not just 1% smarter, you’re an affiliate sale-making machine!

Bottom Line:

Every time you create a new piece of content, have a goal in mind. Whether it’s to get more subscribers with a lead magnet upgrade or make an affiliate sale or some other end goal, every piece of content needs to be working to build your business…

Even the article about that weird cannonball with a handle.


Never promote a program or product you do not 100% believe in. Your good reputation is worth infinitely more than a handful of sales commissions.


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