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Are Your Website Visitors Clicking Away Quickly?

Are Your Website Visitors Clicking Away Quickly?

Today when I visited a website for the first time, a pop-up offered me a cool freebie. Once I entered my email address, the page rolled over to an offer for a $7 product.

Pretty normal funnel so far, right?

But here’s the thing – the sales page for the $7 offer consisted of white text on a hideous, eye-injuring yellow background.

They did an EXCELLENT job of ensuring I would click away from the page as fast as possible.

I bet they wonder why their conversions are so lousy.

Have you taken a look at your pages from your visitor’s point of view?

If they’re not pleasing to the eye and super easy to read, then it’s time to make some changes.

  • I see artsy-fartsy looking sites all the time.

  • Medium grey font on a light grey background because someone said it’s in style.

  • Light grey font on a white background.

  • Tiny font that makes me squint.

  • Blaring colors and little videos that follow me around the page and won’t let me focus on the content.

Pop-ups with no clear way to get rid of them. Social media buttons that cover the first inch of text on the left margin. Headers that take up half the page.

I could understand if these mistakes were being made in 1995, but we’ve now had over two decades to get these things right.

Any time you have to decide between being artsy and making your site easy for your visitor to navigate and engage, I suggest you error on the side of the visitor.


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