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Avoid Affiliates With Huge Ego's. Get A JV Broker

Avoid Affiliates With Huge Ego's. Get A JV Broker

As anyone who’s tried it knows, recruiting affiliates for a product launch can be a real pain.

Some affiliates have large egos and even bigger demands for your time and your money.

  • "I want a bigger commission." (They ask this no matter how much you’re paying, btw. I think they read it in an affiliate how-to manual.)

  • "I want you to promote my products to your list in return for me promoting your product." (Now you have to check out their product and see if it’s something worthy of promoting and a good fit for your list. 9 times out of 10 it isn’t.)

  • "I want you to place my products inside your sales funnel." (Sure, I’ll just do that for 100 affiliates and we’ll have 100 upsells and won’t that be fun?)

  • And on and on it goes.

It’s enough to knock the wind right out of your sails, and it’s the reason why some online marketers prefer to never deal with affiliates in the first place.

But there is a way to recruit affiliates without any of the hassle, and it’s simple: Just get a JV broker on board for your launch.

Choose someone who is just getting started in launch circles, someone who is hungry and eager and won’t demand you pay them in bags of gold up front.

They should be active online and perhaps have done a couple of launches themselves. They don’t need a ton of experience; just enough to know how product launches work and how to find affiliates.

Pay them for results, such as giving them a percentage or your profits or giving them access to the list you build from selling your product, or even placing their product inside your funnel.

The more sales they generate, the more they earn.

You set up the affiliate page and you decide on the contest prizes and commission structure. Then your JV broker’s job is to schmooze affiliates, send out launch reminders, perhaps provide ongoing motivational emails to affiliates, answer affiliate questions and anything else having to do with affiliates.

This is going to take massive stress off you. In fact, the only thing you’ll need to do other than set up the affiliate page and commission structure is send out a thank you email to affiliates after the launch ends.

And don’t worry about your JV broker. They won’t have to endure half the B.S. that you would need to go through because they are “just” the JV broker. When someone asks them for special favors like higher commissions than other affiliates and so forth, your JV broker can simply say they don’t have that authority.

If you don’t enjoy recruiting affiliates, scout around and find yourself a JV broker. If they’re good at their job, they’ll bring in more sales than you probably could, paying for themselves and building your list even bigger. And they’ll free you up for the important stuff, like tending to your new customers.



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