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Can GenXer's and Boomers Thrive in the New Business World?

WHY is it CHALLENGING for most people in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's to adjust to doing business in the NEW DIGITAL ECONOMY?

I am talking about Boomers, and GenXr's... myself included... The "Entrepreneur World" is changing in a EXPONENTIAL way and most of us are feeling the pressure. Like Darwin said... "It Is NOT the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most ADAPTABLE" How TRUE.... We may be STRONG, but NOT FLEXIBLE enough to adapt to the changing world of entrepreneurship... Jacques Fresco, the futurist in the field of social engineering... his life work called "The Venus Project" envisioned that... . ..."The future will be a society WITHOUT money... in order to thrive, EVERY Individual MUST BRING VALUE to others in some form." How TRUE... That's RIGHT. We are now hearing it EVERYWHERE... "GIVE VALUE in order to sell your products and services". This is the MAIN SHIFT that is happening and we need to understand this... We are becoming a true VALUE-BASED economy. Just like the ol'man Jacque predicted some 45 years ago! It's a GOOD THING! Because Gen-X and Boomers have a LOT of experience with life and can give more value in every facet of life. There is NO REASON to hold back. This is the time to make our mark and legacy. If you are connected with me on social media, I admire you because YOU my friend really understand this... GO FOR IT!

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