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Content Marketing: 5 Steps to Launch Your Strategy This Week

Content Marketing: 5 Steps to Launch Your Strategy This Week

Are you looking to connect with your target audience in a way that helps them truly understand who you are and what you do? Content marketing may be your answer.

When deployed alongside a multi-channel media plan and relevant brand, content marketing allows you to regularly reach out to your target audience and say “hi.” Content marketing is the soft sell, the nurturer, the “we’re here for you when you’re ready for us” approach that makes prospective customers more comfortable with the sales conversation.

An effective content marketing campaign is long-term and time-intensive. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow the five steps below to launch your content marketing strategy this week.

1. Define your content marketing objective.

Like all marketing, content marketing should never be performed without a purpose. Before taking a step further with planning out your content calendar, make sure you know why you want to launch a content marketing campaign. What purpose will it satisfy? How will it track to your larger marketing objectives and business goals?

In general, content marketing is a door-opening approach. Content marketing works well at the top of the funnel, allowing you to reach many prospective consumers in a nuisance-free manner. But content can also be used to help consumers make purchase decisions. Different types of content fulfill different types of marketing objectives.

2. Define your target audience.

Hopefully you already have your target audience well defined from other marketing initiatives, but you may need to further describe your audience’s knowledge base and areas of interest to be successful in target marketing. What makes your audience tick? What do they need in their personal and professional lives? What does your audience want?

Think about this from a products and services perspective and a content perspective.


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