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Do you even need a website in the world of social media?

Do you even need a website in the world of social media?

Today's question is....

Q - Do You Even Need a Website in a World of Social Media?

Ok, the question is from an Affiliate Marketer and she wants to know if she really need a website if she is using Social Media to promote her affiliate link.

There are many affiliate marketers who promote their affiliate links directly on Facebook or other social media sites... and that's okay if you are simply testing out if Affiliate Marketing is for you.

But, if you seriously want to do business online -- any kind of business -- then a Website and domain name is a necessary... and I'll tell you why.

Now most Affiliate Marketers already have a domain name that re-directs to an affiliate link -- because they are asked by the company to get a domain name and re-direct it.

When I say a website, I am not talking about a domain name that forwards to an affiliate link -- I am talking about a Website with your story and information. This is really important and I'll tell you why...

Easy To Build Trust.

Without building trust with your visitors, it's really hard to convert them into paying customers, and the easiest way to build trust with your prospects is by being more transparent with your people.

It's very hard to make a sale online if people don't know you, and the best way for people to know you is by telling your story on your own website. Even if you have a social media presence, it's not enough to build that trust because there are many fake accounts out there and anyone can create a Facebook account and close it anytime.

A personal website is more of a commitment in the eyes of a prospect and so it builds trust faster.

You Control Your Online Brand

Building a personal brand is becoming more and more important in the online world. It doesn't matter if you are an one man show or and affiliate marketer.

People want to know who they are dealing with before they commit to buying from you. You don't want someone else defining your brand for you, you want to be able to do that yourself -- and your website and the content on it is how you do it.

You Could Lose Your Social Media Account

If you put all your efforts into Social Media and don't have your own website to take people to, it's a risk you are taking. Your social media account could be shut down or hacked at anytime and you'll lose everything.

You need to have a home outside of social media, and you need to build an email audience so that if your social media account is shut down or hacked, you don't lose your audience completely.

3 Steps To Create Your Own Website In Less Than 24 Hours.

Domain Name. Get a domain name, preferably your full name. Or a brand name that you want to build. You can get that from Namecheap or Godaddy and it costs only $13/year.

Website Builder. There are many website builders out there that anyone can create and design a website. is an easy platform and it costs $23/month... and it has everything you need to build a website and they even have their own email management system.

Design. You can easily design your own website the way you want it or hire someone to do the initial design if you want it.

So, my answer to the question... "Do you need a website in a World of Social Media?... is...

Yes, if you plan to do business online, you need your own website.

I hope this information was useful for you...


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