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Does Internet Marketing Coaching Work?

I don’t want this to come off as bragging, or self-aggrandizing…

I often get asked by clients, if I can “coach them” in their online business. Help them make money online, so that they can quit working a day job….

Often, my reply to them is, “Internet Marketing coaching never works.”

You are probably saying to yourself, “But Abe, that’s BS…. after all, “Behind many a success story is a fantastic mentor!”

Yes, it’s true, but there is a huge difference between “coaches” and “mentors”, we’ll get to that soon…

It may be true in some areas, like personal coaching, employment coaching, etc.

But, when it comes to Internet Marketing, it’s a whole different story.

Of course, there are a few success stories out there, where an Internet Marketing coach helped turn a failing web business into a rags to riches story. But let’s be realistic here…

If you are in need of an Internet Marketing coach, you are one of three categories:

  • – You are just starting out on the Internet and need someone to give you easy hacks for free.

  • – You are dead broke and are desperate for someone to tell you in under an hour how to make money online.

  • – You are very limited in funds and cannot spend $300 to $1000 an hour for a period of weeks or months on a high-quality internet marketing coach.

Mentoring is different.

Mentors, are different from coaches. Mentors, have a different mindset than coaches.

Mentors are usually, rich beyond their means, and work very few hours in the day, while they sit back on their “beach house”, and collect their residual income checks. They are in a place where they can afford to give their time without expectation of financial return.

What mentors want, is your support, and appreciation, to make them feel good about themselves, and want to further their position in society, and to leave a legacy.

Mentors are like Yoda…

You are looking for a Yoda….”Because you don’t know what you don’t know”. 🙂

Ok, I’ll try to be delicate about this, but here is something that you need to know about….

It’s hard to “find your Yoda”, in the Internet Marketing space.

If you come across any such creature, then you’ll soon find a “struggling coach” behind that Yoda mask, not necessarily a mentor.

I am not against Internet Marketing coaches. There are some good ones out there – but “nothing happens for nothing”. You have to pay for the time that they spend with you.

But if you ever meet a “real Yoda”, in the Internet Marketing space, he / she will give you these Internet Marketing words of wisdom….

“Who’s in charge of your online business? Oh, right, it’s you”.

Internet Marketing, or “Digital Marketing”, as it’s know now, is a skill. You can only learn by doing it – over and over again.

If you are the type of person who is interested in, taking on new opportunities to make money online, then you are an “Entrepreneur”. Not necessarily an Internet Marketer.

Leave the Internet Marketing, to Internet Marketers, who do this everyday, until the cows come home.

We may not be your “Yoda” – we are “Internet Marketers”, and we help “Entrepreneurs” like you, become your own version of “Yoda”


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