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Drop Shipping Do’s and Don’ts

10 Drop Shipping Tips that Lead to Success

In just about any endeavor — whether you’re coaching someone in the intricacies of golf, fishing or, in this case, online retailing that employs drop shipping for fulfillment — there are time-tested tips that always work if the student is willing.

In golf, it’s “Keep your head down.” In fishing, it’s “Keep your rod tip up.” In online retailing that uses drop shipping, well, let’s explore some of the techniques that work best with our top 10 tips for drop shipping success list:

1. Don’t Try to Compete on Price Alone

The most common beginner’s mistake in drop shipping (and perhaps retailing in general), is competing based solely on price. If the only thing that differentiates you from the competition is price, you’re going to lose all your business and all your profits the moment someone else undercuts you and you find yourself on the losing end of a price war.


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