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Effective Marketing Methods To Get More Traffic To Your Website

If you are working with a small budget to promote your business, please listen up!

Facebook is NOT the ONLY place where you can get exposure, traffic, leads, and sales.

Facebook is great for relationship building, and that’s great, but that is only one “spoke on the wheel” of an effective marketing plan.

If you are working with a small budget, then the most effective way to drive the right audience depends on “Your Content Marketing Strategy”.

We are ALL about giving “Value”. Too many people are preaching about how important it is to “give value” — and you are absolutely right.

But, the value you are giving must be something that your audience are eagerly looking for — otherwise, you will be spending hours talking to the wrong people.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not a smart strategy if you want to market your business effectively.

Marketing Methods To Get More Traffic To Your Website

I’d like to give you a GENERAL PLAN to drive tons of people who are interested in what you are offering…

(Please do your research before you implement. Digital marketing is a vast space!)

The plan here is to create ONE PIECE of content (per day or per week) and get maximum exposure over time.

1. BLOG – Create a content and post it on your Blog. If you don’t have one, get one immediately!

2. IMAGE –Create an attractive visual / image for this content.

Now that you have the CONTENT and the IMAGE done, you are now ready to distribute it for MAXIMUM IMPACT.

There are two methods of marketing online. Active Marketing Methods & Passive Marketing Methods.


1. Facebook. Post it on your facebook page, group. I find that posting on junk groups is a total waste of time, so create a group and post it there.

2. Instagram.Post the image and a short description and link.

3. Twitter.Post the image and a short teaser and link.

4. Linkedin.Post the your blog content as a blog post on Linkedin blog. Linkedin blogs get good traffic and exposure.

5. Pinterest.Pin the image, with a headline, description, and link.

6. Reddit.Post a new thread with a link to the content.

7. Youtube.Shoot a quick video regarding the content and topic and post it on your youtube channel.

8. Quora.Target the right topic and questions and answer someone’s question with the content and topic you created.

9. Press Release.If it’s a product or service, write a short press release and post it

10. Guest Posting.If you have a guest posting agreement with another blog, offer them to post this content on their blog.


Passive marketing methods may cost you a little money but, it’s extremely effective way to generate new leads.

With a budget as small as $10/day or around $300 / month you can build it…

1. SEO.

Make sure that the content on your blog is optimized for a keyword that your audience will use. SEO takes a little time, but all the other activities that you are doing (content, video, social media posting, engagements… etc) you can be on page one of Google in less than 48 hours. Google organic traffic is the best converting traffic because people are searching for it.

2. PPC.

Google adwords, Bing, (my own network), and there are many ad networks where you can place an ad and pay only for the clicks.

3. Paid Social Media.

If you are seeing good engagement for this post, you can boost the post and get people out of your own circle to engage and do business with you.

4. Retargeting.

Retargeting campaigns can boost your conversions and recoup the ad money spent quickly.

Doing these activities on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly basis is what will drive SALES for your business and keep you growing.

I hope you will take this message seriously and do it for a period of 3 months. Let me know what your results are!



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