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EngageBay Vs Active Campaign Vs MailChimp: Who Will Win the CRM Race?

When we look at giants like EngageBay Vs MailChimp Vs Active Campaign, it would be difficult to decide which one is better for your business in terms of the tools and technologies along with the features and pricing that each one presents. It would be a worthwhile exercise to indulge in some comparison so that one can find the best option between Active Campaign Vs Mail Chimp. This is because we always want to choose the very best option for our business, no matter what!

Running a business is more than just choosing the right place or the right team to work with. It is also all about making those things work well for you. If you have a good team, for example, but you do not have the tools to keep them organized, then there would be complete chaos and you would most likely lose business and the team members would also move to a business that would have a more structured and less chaotic work space whether it is online or offline. This is one of the things that one must remember when investing in certain systems for the inner workings of the business.

Evolution of CRM and Marketing Automation

In theEngageBay Vs Active Campaign Vs Mail Chimp debate, one can easily see that there are a number of things to consider. Yet, before that we must cast a glance on the very beginnings of what we now know as the CRM platform or the customer relationship management system. When HubSpot began their journey into the CRM space by pioneering and creating this system, they were basically letting the business community know that they would have a reliable system that would help them take care of the bulk of big data that stares them in the face everyday and threatens to overwhelm their teams. This was way back in 2006.

Since then, a number of names have joined the bandwagon in order to ensure that there are many more features and that there is an evolution of sorts in this industry. This is where the EngageBay Vs Active Campaign Vs Mail Chimp debate also falls into place since both these platforms are quite popular and well known across the globe when it comes to solving the basic needs of the business community as well as professionals with a thriving practice. Not only can a business house, a startup or a full fledged enterprise keep a better tab on the inner workings within their business, but professionals who need to constantly coordinate with other vendors can also use such systems to create some method to the madness.

Benefits of CRM and Automation for Your Business

Before we get right into the EngageBay Vs MailChimp Vs Active Campaign debate, it would be worthwhile to first understand what a CRM and marketing automation platform can offer you and why you would need such a system in the first place:

Being Organized: Looking organized and being organized are two of the major qualities that can really help you hook the right audience with a reliable front and even more reliable back end. The CRM system helps you organize all your data in tandem with the various tasks of the team that you have in place.

Team Collaboration: When you conduct the above, you will find that your teams tend to work better together than they ever did before since every task comes with a notification and the right information to complete the same, thus eliminating much of the chaos.

Handling the Mundane: The monotonous and mundane task of organizing contacts and their information as well as sending emails can now easily be handled by these platforms like EngageBay Vs MailChimp Vs ActiveCampaign where you will get the option to automate such functions at the mere touch of a button.

Security: This would be one of the crux things in the EngageBay Vs MailChimp Vs Active Campaign debate since you would have to keep your data safe. You can be sure that this would definitely happen when you employ such a system that is mostly hosted from a cloud location for extra security.

Now, let us cast a glance on MailChimp and Active Campaign individually to understand who scores better in the EngageBay Vs Active Campaign Vs Mail Chimp debate!

1. EngageBay for CRM

To begin with, you get to handle 1000 contacts for free which means you can easily organize their contact information as well as the interactions that they have had with various team members within your business - at zero cost. All this gets pulled up easily when you have to do a certain task that would help move them along the sales pipeline. This is very important for the business to have an organized look and for you to be able to reach out to the right customer and engage with them in a way that would lead to easy and efficient conversions. Further, the subsequent plans have even more features at $29 and $47.99.

2. Active Campaign for CRM

When we speak of CRM or customer relationship management, one will find that there are a number of features on this platform that can make life easier. The pricing is also right since the Lite Plan begins at $17 per year before it goes on to $229 for an all inclusive Enterprise plan with two plans in between priced at $49 and $129 for the Plus and Professional Plans, respectively.

3. Mail Chimp for CRM

In theEngageBay Vs Active Campaign Vs Mail Chimp debate, it would be interesting to note that MailChimp has been known as one of the oldest and most reliable names when it comes to CRM and automation. With this platform, you can manage up to 1000 contacts for free before you start paying as per the number of subscribers that you add to your list. The pricing can then go to $10 or $25. The great thing about this platform is that its templates are easy to use and the framework itself allows you to customize your operations as per your business needs.

This shows that EngageBay is the best platform for CRM and marketing automation as compared to the others!


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