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Five Tips to Get More Dropshipping Sales

Dropshipping is one of the best strategies for selling more products online.

Instead of relying on your e-commerce site for sales, Dropshipping will allow you to market your collection across hundreds of online stores. As more and more suppliers are recognizing the benefits, the market is becoming more competitive.

Looking to start an online dropshipping business?

There are lot of articles out there discussing best practices for retailers (here is a great one), but suppliers are in need of some tips as well. How do you become a coveted Dropshipping brand? What will ensure a long term partnership with your online retailers? Here are my simple tips for standing apart from the crowd.

#1 Use Great Product Images

This sounds like an obvious one but you would be surprised how many suppliers shoot their products poorly. This is not the time for a palm tree back splash. Shoot your products on a clean, white background and be sure to show multiple angles. Always have high resolution images available for those stores with powerful zoom tools. 


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