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How a Simple & Effective Way To Increase Your Sales Within 24 Hours

How a Simple & Effective Way To Increase Your Sales Within 24 Hours

I have a client who has done fairly well building his online business.

He’s got a funnel set up that is totally automated and makes a decent income, and it works like this:

He runs ads to send traffic to a squeeze page where visitors opt in to get a freebie. Then the autoresponder sequence kicks in and sends people to various sales pages where he makes money.

The whole thing is automated so that he never has to personally contact a customer.

Because of that, he was losing a ton of money. In fact, I just about had to wrestle him to the floor to convince him to take the next step…

…personal contact. I instructed him to personally contact each person who purchased any product over $95 and thank them.

He was to also casually mention his coaching program, too. Actually, he didn’t yet have a coaching program, so I first had to convince him to add a coaching program and then convince him to contact customers to say thank you.

I instructed him to be super nice and not at all salesy on the phone. He was to thank them profusely for their purchase, let them know how important they are and gently inquire about their goals. And he was to tell them about his coaching course just so they were aware of it for a later date when they were ready to move to the next level.

I told him to be warm and kind, to be genuine and to not sell.

The entire idea was to make his customers feel valued and to offer personal help should they need it.

The first time he finally did this and much to his total and complete shock, he signed up 5 team members the same day at $1,000 apiece.

That was almost a year ago. Today he called and said he was doing his weekly ‘thank you’s’ to his best customers and he signed up 6 clients to his coaching program.

By the way, did I mention that he now charges $5,000 for the program? Yup, that’s right - $30,000 in one afternoon just for saying “thank you.”


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