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How can I get a minimum of 500 visits in traffic in my new blog?

I am going to be publishing the “Webpreneur Q & A” series on a regular basis.

I have so many bloggers on my subscriber list, so this topic is going to be very helpful if you are a blogger…

How can I get a minimum of 500 visits in traffic in my new blog?

It’s exciting to see your blog get some traction and momentum when you are just starting out.

The goal should be to drive traffic and to keep them coming back to your blog and keep reading. For this reason, it’s important to focus on multiple sources of traffic and work at building them up.

I don’t like the word Free Traffic, even if you are not paying for it because your time is worth something. These ideas below may not need any money investment, but you will need to put some time to get it done.

The best, most consistent ways of driving traffic to your blog are:

Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to start, as it’s free to use, easy to get started with and it can become one of your most trusted traffic sources.

Build your profiles by engaging with relevant users and share your blog posts with them, including a short text update and an image related to the respective blog post.

You could also join some relevant social media groups and communities and, where possible, share your blog posts (if the guidelines allow it).

With social media, it’s important to be consistent and continuously engage with followers and other users in order to keep getting more and more traffic.

Search Engine

if you can get your blog posts to pop up in people’s first search results, you could be driving tonnes of traffic to your blog.

Of course, that takes time and effort; but, if you’re serious about growing your blog, it’s best to start optimizing it for search engines as soon as possible.

Research the keywords that your audience is using and then use them in your blog content – you can use Google’s Keyword Planner for this – in your headlines, sub-headlines, and throughout your blog posts.

You could also get a tool like Yoast SEO to help you optimise your blog/website and to tell you what changes to make to your posts in order to get the best results.

Blogging Communities

Blogging communities like Triberr, Viral Content Bee and so on, facilitate the connections between similar bloggers who want to help each other out.

By signing up, you could get bloggers from your niche sharing your posts with their own followers, and therefore helping you get more traffic and more social media shares and engagement.

For more tips on how to promote a blog/blog post for maximum traffic, you can check out this guide to promoting a blog post

You can definitely buy traffic to your blog. However, in case your blog is not monetized, this choice may not be suitable for you.

But if you just want to increase awareness about your blog and get more eyes on your blog, buying traffic is a solid option for you.

I hope this helped!



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