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How to Deal with Overwhelm when Building Your Online Business

The problem is when your are working on tasks you are feeling overwhelmed. The reason for this feeling is you are constantly in the future.

Another issue that causes overwhelm is your Brain channel is so open that too much info is coming in at once. This is information overload.

It is so bad that you can get a panic attack. This is happened to me. It is a big deal and is very hard to overcome. But, it can be overcome.

First thing that I do is shut all of my windows that I am not using or is not necessary.

Now I chunk all of my tasks.

I write down in a numbered order what I have to do. I give each task a time for which it should be done.

After completing each task I reward myself. Basically I am training my mind to work the way I want to.

I am talking from experience and this works for me.

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