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How To Nurture Your Email List Subscribers

Here is a question that a lot of online marketers are asking...

"How do I create more engagement with email marketing...?"

In this "Webpreneur Q & A" I want to share with you my take on this...

How can I create more engagement with my email subscribers?

Email marketing is usually a part of our marketing funnel. Subscribers who opt-in to your list is for a specific reason.

I think you need to start with thinking about why people join and stay in email lists.

I think it's because we all love feeling special.

The reason why people join email lists and stay in them is that they love the feeling of being on the “inside”, members of a private club.

Knowing this psychological trigger, you can cultivate that feeling by:

  1. Making them the first to hear new updates

  2. Send them exclusive content that’s not available on your website or blog.

  3. Offer them special deals

This takes us to the top rule of list nurturing:

Give More Than You Ask For

Think of list nurturing as building relationships with your friends. It should be guided by generosity and inclusion, and you should always be a good listener.

With each of your email campaigns, provide value to your subscribers, so they will want to open your emails, and hence, get involved with your personal brand / business.

Here are 6 strategies for nurturing your email list, if you are interested.

Your email list is one your biggest asset, if you are integrated and authentic with your subscribers. Nurture them and they will support you.

I hope this helped!



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