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How to Plant a Referral Seed in Your Customer’s Head

Everyone knows that referral marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques on the internet. Better yet, this form of marketing won’t cost you a dime.

However, most business owners will wait until the end of their client interaction to ask for a referral. They make sure that their client is happy first, then ask them meekly for a referral. (Also note that if you ask like this, 9 times out of 10 your client will say ‘yes’…but you’ll never see that referral!)

Referral marketing is priceless when it comes to getting the word out, and it’s really target marketing at its best. You’ll want to take advantage of these benefits in order to quickly grow your business. What I’m getting at is this: Your job is to make your client so happy that they will confidently introduce you to other people in need of your services…but you want to let them know that immediately.

This method is called “planting a referral seed”-and it can really work wonders for your business. In this post, I will demonstrate how to use this technique to exponentially increase your sales and signups…

Your Client’s Unconscious Mind Is A Garden-So Plant Referral Seeds

Instead of waiting until the end of the conversation, don’t beat around the bush! Since the aim is to increase referral sales for your business, approach the issue head-on-try saying this to your client right away on the first or second contact:

“(Name), let me tell you what my objective is. I want to make you so happy that you will be thrilled to introduce my service to a friend who needs it.

So first, my name is (Your name). How can I help you?”

That’s all it takes. Of course, you can always come up with your own variation, but this is an excellent example of a referral seed. Plant it at the beginning, and ask throughout the conversation if you are meeting that objective you mentioned.

Some other effective referral seeds are as follows:

“Tell them to ask for (your name), I’ll personally take care of them!” “Don’t keep me a secret!” “Send them my way!” “Think of me first!”

The options are limitless, but your main goal remains the same: You’re directly asking your client to introduce you to their friends if they’re truly satisfied with the help that you’ve provided. Your goal is to make your client so delighted that they want to tell everyone they know-their friends, their family, their own clients and business contacts-about your fantastic service.

Water Your Referral Seeds…

As with any plants, your referral seeds won’t grow just because you’ve planted them-if you expect them to flourish, you must water them. Once you’ve planted the seed, ask your clients if you can follow up with them on a certain time and date to make sure they’re happy with your product or service. Ask them how you would have to make them feel in order for them to introduce you to their friends: Would they only have to feel satisfied? Outrageously happy?

In fact, you can even suggest a small reward if your client shares their good experience with your service with a friend and has them contact you within a certain time frame. This will motivate your client to spread the word to anyone they know who could use your service, and get them to do it quickly!

…Now Watch Them Grow!

If you’ve really gone above and beyond for your clients, they will feel personally connected to you. They’ll always ask for you by name because they trust you. You understand them, help them, and care about their best interests.

Those are the perfect conditions in which to plant a referral seed-every bit as good as sunshine and the best loam. Plant your referral seed at the beginning of the conversation, and during the conversation, make sure to find out from your client if you’re on track.

If you please them, they’ll be just as happy to introduce you to their friends. Make their friends happy, and they will tell their friends, and so on…that’s how the referral plant grows into more sales and signups!

Abe Cherian


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