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How To Reinvent Your Business & Life In 3 Easy Steps

If you are not happy with your business or career, what will you do?

Many of us will ride out a business or job we don’t truly love, but that can take a toll on our health and our wealth.

We have to re-invent ourselves so that if we want to create a more meaningful and purposeful life and career.

This will ring a bell if you are the type of person who is willing to face your greatest fears and do the back breaking work to reinvent yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions, and do it a way that you can actually slow down and listen to what your heart, not your head, tells you.

  1. Are you truly happy in what you do now and how your life is going?

  2. What do you want next for your business and life?

  3. What does that look like right now?

  4. How would it feel?

  5. What will it take to get there?

If you are happy where you are now, I am happy for you.

But if you look around, how many people do you truly believe are living the life that they want? Not many.

This is why we see many people are starting to wake up, take a closer look at what really counts the most, and make tough choices to transform themselves, reinvent themselves so that we are happier, healthier, and wealthier.

You may have consciously re-invented yourself when you decided to start your business. But many of us hit that wall at some point, and that’s when we feel trapped.

Getting out of the trap

I know what it’s like to be stuck and it sticks to feel trapped, unhappy and unfulfilled. It might be true that there is an ultimate purpose in suffering, but it’s never easy to work through making a transition into something different.

A year ago, I put together a team of people, novice to marketing, and especially digital marketing, and decided to train them into a highly productive team for my agency. I failed miserably to motivate them to step up for themselves, and take responsibility

(The only thing that motivated them was the monthly bonuses from our sales pool. A foolish decision that I made, thinking I can get them motivated by money).

I felt disappointed at many levels and honestly I felt trapped with a team that did not care much. It started showing in our revenue and finally, I had to shut down the agency that I worked so hard to build.

This really put my career and family into crisis mode for a while, as I retreated into my shell. Fear and confusion was all I felt. I knew that I had to re-invent myself but I couldn’t see where I was going clearly.

I needed a change of atmosphere and so I decided to pick up and move my family all the way to Austin, Texas.

Getting what you want

It’s in me to create, and re-invent things. I don’t like the monotony of doing the same thing day after day, week after week, and year after year. I feel that creativity is what gets us out of a trap. Creativity comes when we tap into the Universal intelligence.

I assure you that you have the power to learn anything you really put your mind and heart into. You just have to tap into your core desire, create a plan of action, immerse yourself until it’s done!

Choosing your happiness

The power to choose is the best weapon we have. You can use this power alone to transform all areas of your life.

Towards the end of 2017, I decided that it’s time to re-invent myself and my business. I had been in Digital Marketing since 1999, and I know this field well.

Although I have had a team of people that worked with me, I always felt like a Solo-Entrepreneur (a one-person business). I was a solo entrepreneur then and I am still one. I now work with a team of solo entrepreneurs who have the same goals and aspirations.

I worked with every type of digital marketing agency under the sun—boutique, networks, mega-agencies. Sometimes these partnerships were great and yielded awesome results. But more often than not, it wasn’t a good fit.

Through this experience, I realized there is a huge gap in the agency landscape. None of the digital advertising agencies we talked to really understood the Small business and specifically the one-person business.

So, I teamed up with some amazing digital marketers and partners and now have a new direction for my business, which I am very excited about. So, What defines a Solo-Entrepreneur?

I believe that everyone can learn to re-invent themselves if they are not happy with where they are in their life.

1. Visualize what you want

We manifest everything through the power of imagination and visualization. You can use the power of visualization to re-invent your business and life.

2. Feel what you want

Commit yourself to visualization and you will magically start feeling what you visualize. This is no joke, and it will happen when you commit to visualize your future.

3. Trust in you

Life is a game of confidence. Everyone has fear. One of the primary differences for people who get what they want is they cultivate a certain level of self trust and confidence.

Trusting is knowing that what you see and feel for the new you is going to happen, even if it doesn’t happen in the timeline you expect. Trusting is knowing that if you maintain your vision and keep feeling the new you.

These are the three steps to manifest anything you want.

Breaking the conditioned pattern and habits

The three steps may look simple enough, but the one thing that gets in the way is our conditioned patterns that got us to this place in our lives.

If you find it difficult to make a change in your life, re-invent your business and life, then make no mistake, it’s your conditioned patterns and habits.

May personal journey learning to practice meditation, and other modalities has been the primary driver to master my inner game of wealth, and this is exactly how I killed off many bad habits that used to hold me back.

As a result, transformation is happening and I feel as though I am taken care of in every area of my life.

What is it you really want next for your career, business and life?

If you can see it, feel and trust that you will get there, you will succeed.


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