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How To Setup A System to Generate 500+ leads Per month

How To Setup A System to Generate 500+ leads Per month

Q - How to generate a minimum of 500+ qualified leads for your business -- each and every month -- using content that you are already giving away for free.

Ok, this question came about after noticing a friend who was giving away really good content -- solutions, and tips -- on his social media pages for free!

He approached me as a friend and we got talking about business and marketing...

He was saying that he spends 4 to 5 hours a day and sometimes longer, giving amazing value out for free!

Now, I am thinking - okay, if he is giving out so much content for free, then he is probably getting a lot of leads and clients from it.

After weeks of going back and forth with this person, I realized that from a sales stand point he was struggling - there were very little leads coming in... and he wasn't making any money

After paying thousands of dollars for coaching and courses, he had a lot of knowledge but he didn't have a system to monetize it because he was giving it all out for free.

People praised him for the knowledge he was dishing out, but that was it.

So how do you generate leads and sales from the content that you are already giving out for free?

Let me explain...

You can use the valuable content that you are giving away for free to generate 500+ leads every single month... IF you have a PROCESS and a SYSTEM in place.

And I am not talking about using one capture page link on your profile to do this.

I am talking about possibly 50 to a 100 little capture pages out there in different formats and platforms that can generate as many leads as you want.

Every time you feel the urge to post a breakthrough solution to a problem on your social media pages. Stop yourself and do this instead.

Let's say that you come up with a solution to a big problem in your niche.

The first thing you do is frame the solution as a question, and write a minimum of 3 pages talking about the problem and then giving them the solution...

You then want to turn it into a PDF document. There are several free tools out there to make your word document into a PDF document.

So now that you have this PDF document that you can distribute online to anyone who has this problem... it's time to generate some leads with it.

The second thing you can do is to write a short blog post about the same topic and then getting their name and email in exchange for the report that you just wrote...

Now you want to focus on writing about the same topic in a short form and posting it to your social media sites... along with your link to your post.

You also want to make a short video about the topic on youtube and leave a link to your post.

You then want to make an image about the topic for Instagram -- leading to your link again.

Now you have one good solution to a problem related to what you are selling online -- that is collecting leads from 20 to 30 different sources.

This is just one lead magnet for the week -- that is going to generate leads and sales for you for a long time.

Imaging creating one of these per week!

In 3 months you'll have 12 different lead magnets online attracting thousands of people to your site --- through, social media, search engines, emails, and forums... without spending any money.

Generally, what people do is make "one lead magnet" for their business and use that forever... which we all know is not going to generate the quantity of leads you need to make sales online.

You need multiple lead magnets... every problem in your niche is an opportunity to create a lead magnet.

This is one of the best ways to generate leads and sales online -- and I know it's a lot of work.

But what you put into your marketing is what you get back.

I would suggest that you stream-line this process into a easy to manage system -- and it gets easier and easier.

  • Finding a challenge in your market

  • Coming up with a solution

  • Making a small report on how to solve this problem

  • Distributing it online in several different formats.

  • and doing this once a week

Do this and you'll have no problem generation leads and sales online.

I hope this information was useful for you.


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