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How to Write Effective and High Converting Copy for your Landing Page

How to Write Effective and High Converting Copy for your Landing Page

Today I want to discuss two critical factors you must understand and apply when it comes to writing effective and high converting copy for your landing pages.

A question I get a lot is How much copy is too much for your landing page?   There is no real definitive answer to that question.  But I will tell you this, the amount of copy your landing page has can have a direct impact on your conversion rates.    On the flip side of that too much copy and your visitors won’t bother to read all of it.  Too little and they won’t have sufficient information to make an informed decision.

So how much copy should your landing page have?

That will depend on your offer and will also depend on your traffic source.

The more sophisticated and well informed your visitor is typically the more copy will be required.  Now depending on how far along the buying process they are, and also depending on how well informed your prospect is they will most likely need more copy to make a decision.

Now when writing copy on your page you always want to make sure that you are creating customer centric copy.  Don’t talk about yourself, your business, or how great you are, nobody cares, they only care about what’s in it for them.

Speak directly to your ideal customer avatar. 

Do not sound like a robot.  If you want to connect with people regarding their needs then write like you speak.

First and foremost, make sure your copy answers these three questions within the first 5 seconds of a page load:

  1. Who you are

  2. What you’re offering

  3. Why that matters to the visitor

You want to identify and speak to their most pressing problems, challenges, and pain points.    You want to highlight the key benefits of your solution that are relevant to their needs and desires.

Example –  How to lose weight without having to exercise – the weight lose is what they want – the no exercise is what they hate and want to avoid.

In this instance the copy is centered around your ideal customer, you are speaking directly to them, to their wants and needs and solving their problem for them.

The amount of information on your landing page will depend on how engaged your visitors already are.  It depends on if you have a sales team or a lead qualifying team. It depends on what you’re selling or offering in return for their information. 

With all of this in mind you can craft a landing page that is specific to what you are offering and to what your visitor will be looking for.


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