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If It Works, Write It Down

If It Works, Write It Down

Anytime and every time you do anything in your business, write it down.

Found a new resource? A new shortcut? A new market? Had a brilliant idea? Or even a crazy idea? Write it all down.

If you try something and it works, write it down. If it didn’t work, write that down, too.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is. The point is to keep track of everything you do in your business.

Then when something pays off big, you have three options:

  1. Follow the steps in your notebook to duplicate your success over and over again.

  2. Hire an outsourcer to follow the steps to duplicate your success for you while you focus on building even more income streams.

  3. Use your notes to create teachings (books, courses, membership sites, etc.) to duplicate your success. This is an entirely new income stream to go with the other income you’re making.

If you’re teaching others how to duplicate your success, be sure to also tell them what didn’t work so they can learn from your mistakes instead of making their own.

Do you already have a solid method that’s working for you, but you didn’t take notes? You can still go back and do some investigation to recreate what you did that’s working so well.

Your payment processor records your income. Cross check that with emails you’ve sent out and campaigns you’ve run to see what worked best.

Check the Wayback Machine to find out what copy you were using on which site on any particular date. Check your Clickbank, JVZoo and other accounts to see when things were working really well and investigate to find out what you were doing.

It’s like being your own Big Brother, only this way you get to profit yet again by duplicating your successes and teaching others to do the same.


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