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Lots Of Traffic & Leads But No Sales Conversions? Fix This Now

“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability”. – Zig Ziglar

Nobody else can do it for you. People can inspire you but they cannot do the work for you.

John Huston, the legendary film maker said this when his movies are not doing well at the box office….

“I am enough the believer of the Gamblers Creed. If you are in a bad streak, there is nothing to do – You just have to play it out.”

If you have been trying to make a living online, and you have hit a bad streak, there is nothing to do – You just have to stick with it and keep on trying new things!

So let’s go…

Happy Sunday and thank you for taking a little time to read my post!

It’s inspired by the events in my online marketing career, and it may help you with your journey.

I have a great tip for you today, that could shift the way you think about your marketing, and be more confident in your efforts to make your business successful.

If you are in Internet marketing, and you have tried everything to get more results….

  • You have a great funnel.

  • You are driving traffic.

  • You are generating leads.

But, you are NOT getting your prospects to take action. They are not buying. They have too many questions and they are on the fence.

You might be doing everything that your training teaches you, but things are not happening and your confidence is getting shot — now, you are not too sure about your online venture.

I have had the same issue countless times, especially when I enter a new market that looks very promising.

A short story….

In 2015, my wife and I started a natural cosmetics company. Our first product was a “Face Serum” and we got very excited about it.

After countless days and nights of researching and getting excited about the prospects of selling a ton of products – and spending around $20,000 for research and development, testing, marketing, and launching – we gave up within 4 months into it.

Long story short…

Using our online marketing resources, we were able to generate tons of leads, but sold very little.

The reason?

We did not make the effort to Connect and Share our human side with our audience. Our marketing was all about how good the product was. We failed to Humanize our marketing. We simply drove traffic to the landing pages and waited for the funnel to do it’s work. Within 4 months, we lost interest and had to close down the business.

Sharing Is Caring!

If your audience is not responding to your marketing, it may be because they have not seen the human side of you.

It’s nothing personal. They don’t know much about you. They don’t know who you are, what you like, and what your ethics are all about.

Welcome to the “Sharing Economy” concept!

The “Sharing Economy” is disrupting the market and it’s Great News for you.

Sharing economy became so popular because they simply humanized the business world by adding personality to communal interactions. It’s all about communication, low costs, and qualitative exchanges.

People want to know more about the person behind the product. They want to know what you stand for and want to relate with you before they do business with you.

This is great news, because it pushes us to be the best version of ourselves and increases our moral and ethics in doing business.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting more results from your marketing:

(Please read the articles below and commit yourself to doing as many tactics as you can this week!)

Setup great profiles on social media sites.

  • Make sure you’re using the right social media image sizes

  • Make your profile photos consistent across all channels

  • Untag yourself from bad photos and inappropriate posts

  • Ensure your handles are consistent across networks

  • Add keywords to your profile for SEO

  • Fill in every field of your bio (with engaging copy)

  • Link to your other social media profiles

  • Make sure your links work

  • Ask a few friendly clients/customers for reviews or endorsements

  • Showcase your best content with pinned posts

  • Add media to your LinkedIn profile

  • Rotate the link in your Instagram bio

  • Like relevant pages from your Facebook page

Build relationships with your list.

  • Be consistent

  • Fine tune your subject lines

  • Share relevant content

  • Sell less stuff

  • Include a call-to-action

  • Include affiliate offers

  • Give discount and freebies

Be transparent on Social Media.

  • Infuse your personality into your role

  • Share your aspirations

  • Share your progress

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

  • Share more than your best stuff

Just by adding this to your marketing strategy, I guarantee you that you will start seeing more and more people taking action from your marketing.

Make an effort to position yourself so that your audience with like and trust you.

Have a great Sunday and have a great week ahead! Abe Cherian


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