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Q&A: Why am I struggling to make a living online?

Here is a question that all of us who venture into online entrepreneurship ask ourselves.

We spend sleepless nights thinking about it but don't often want to admit the truth.

Why am I struggling to make a living online?

My answer to this would sound mystical to many but it will ring "true to the core" if you are honest with yourself.

Struggle is not exclusive to only a group of people. It's a Universal principle. Some people call it 'struggle' and some people call it 'blessing in disguise'. The sooner you realize that it is a 'blessing in disguise' the faster your growth.


When we decide to become an "entrepreneur", we take on more responsibility. Responsibility towards our family, responsibility towards our audience, and responsibility towards our self.

Entrepreneur = More responsibility

If you are not genuinely meeting the standards of responsibility that entrepreneurship requires, then we call it struggle.

When we match our efforts to the responsibility of a true entrepreneur, then we learn valuable lessons and feel successful.

Strategy First

Many of us focus on tactics and hacks to get where we want to get. Forgetting that Strategy comes first, and then tactics.

For example... Imagine that we are taking a trip to California from New York.

Strategy - is knowing the destination, and the road map.

Tactic - is the means of transportation we decide to take. Car, train, or airplane.

Many of us spend too much time on the tactics before we work on strategy. (Strategy is our destination and road map).

So know where you want to go, and the ways to get there. Pick the tactics that will get you there faster.

It's really simple, yet we struggle because we don't understand this principle.

Entrepreneurship is taking on bigger responsibilities. You should be willing to take it on. The next step is deciding where you want to go and the easiest way to get there. The real journey only starts at this point.

I warned you that this is going to sound mystical! (but not really..)

I hope this helped!


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