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Searching For Answers – A Key to Online Success

When I started online, there were not as many Internet marketing experts (Gurus) as there are today. The few that claimed to be experts were themselves trying to figure out the big puzzle.

Marketing on the internet was brand new territory for all of us, and this heavily influenced the way I went about things in my early online days. It actually turned out to be a good thing for me, because it pushed me to ‘search for answers’ by myself most of the time.

I guess we can call it a “blessing in disguise”. I’ll admit that finding the answers all by myself was a major challenge, and for sure I’ve had my ups and downs, but since my mind was constantly focused on looking for answers, I was able to try a lot of things out in a short amount of time. Something ended up a dismal failure but other things actually worked and started moving me in the right direction with my business.

It was sort of like feeling my way through the dark, but the great news was, I was taking small steps forward all the time. Step-by-step I started to get a grip on this brand new world that I had ventured into.

It was an exciting journey, fueled by desperation. These days it is harder to focus when you are starting out. There are too many experts trying to get your attention and steal your time. As soon as you get online each day, you start to get bombarded by distractions from left, right and center. You’ve probably experienced this first hand.

When you break it down, online business is really mainly about two things: Traffic and conversion.

You need to get traffic to your site, and you need to offer something so valuable that people are actually willing to buy what you have to offer.

But the constant interruptions make it much harder to keep your mind focused on the relatively few things that really matter. It’s like the proverb “can’t see the forest for the trees”. You may be searching to find a reliable place to host your website, but you are coaxed into buying a home study course on ‘Social Media Promotions’. Social Media Promotional techniques will do you no good, if you have not found a reliable web hosting company in the first place.

You might sign up for newsletters in order to increase your knowledge, but you end up being tempted by these same newsletters to buy all kinds of marketing courses that are being launched under the label “the next big thing”.

The fact of the matter is that sound business principles will continue to work, year after year. Tactics come and go.

Here are some ways to get the answers you are currently searching for without wasting valuable time:

  1. Write down a list of things you need to know according to it’s priority, and focus on one thing at a time.

  2. Give yourself a deadline to accomplish the task.

  3. Avoid everything that is thrown at you that is not a direct connect to what you are searching for.

  4. Find people who have already accomplished what you are searching for and ask them for advice. (Do not waste your time asking people who have not actually done the same things you want to accomplish.)

In order to keep motivating yourself and to build confidence in your ability to build a business, you need to actually accomplish small things first.

All the small things that you accomplish in your business or personal life is the sum total of your biggest dream.

Abe Cherian


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