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Seven Strategies to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal Branding 2020 Is one of the hottest topics this year so far!

One of the main reasons is that we are in the Covid Era and people are realizing that everything that we knew as normal is going to change or not even exist when this pandemic ends.

Personal branding is your very own real estate, so you want "YOU" to be perfect as you can and on target.

Today I want to share with you seven important strategies that you need to implement to have an effective and powerful personal brand.

The First Strategy is “What is Your Story”?

In other words what is your WHY? Why are you working so hard. What are the things that keep you up at night? What are you trying to achieve and what are you passionate about? These are very important as this is your foundation. Without a strong foundation nothing stays standing.

The Second Strategy is Personalize all of your Handles on Social Media.

You have your website and then you have all of the social media platforms. So if you are going to have an effective presence online all of the handles need to work together. For example is your website is your name then have the same for facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube, webtalk, Linkedin, and any other ones that are not mentioned here. You want everything to be congruent.

The Third Strategy is Use an Item to help Brand you.

A perfect example for this would be Deepak Chopra red framed eye glasses. He used those to help brand him. If anyone saw red framed eye glasses they would instantly thing of him. Some people use a certain kind of car in a particular color that stands out. You can use a different hairstyle or a funky pair of shoes. It can be anything that will make you stand out from the crowd. This will definitely help people remember you.

The Fourth Strategy is understanding “YOUR VIBE”.

This is all about your personality. You can be polarizing as everyone is to some degree. If you are the type of person that is very polarizing, then you will attract people that agree with you. If you are more mild mannered than those types of people will gravitate towards you. This is establishing your Vibe with others and making sure that they understand your story, what your about, and what you stand for.

The Fifth Strategy is Identify What You Want to be Recognized For

Where do you see yourself in five years? When people hear your name what will they think? How do you want people to perceive you?

Here’s something to think about. It’s what people say behind your back that is your true personal brand and not what they say directly to you. So you have to think to yourself what do you want that to look or sound like. Once you understand this you can tailor messages all across online platforms.

The Sixth Strategy is Let People Know What You Stand For

This is huge. Are you out there to give value. Do you want people to have money freedom or time freedom. Are you going to help people save money or have a certain Lifestyle that they want?

By defining what you stand for this will also help attract the right kind of people to you. This should also reflect in your content that you share.

The Seventh Strategy is Use Content for Communication

Content is how you get your brand awareness out to the masses on all the social platforms. If you don’t have an issue with videos then start a Youtube channel and start putting out Videos about you and your business. Youtube is the gift that keeps giving. You can do a video now and for years that video will get you new clients for your business. Videos are evergreen.

Find a problem that people are having and then come up with ten solutions for that problem. You have at least 10 days of content on the social media platforms and at least ten good videos.

Follow these seven strategies and you will definitely build your personal brand and eventually have people coming to you as clients.

We here at webpreneur media have been helping many network marketers and affiliate marketers setup, design, and market their business/es - and position them in a way that people want to work with them - and not the other way around.... chasing leads and clients.

Setting up a proper branding website that attracts prospects to you takes hundreds of hours of learning and hundreds of hours on work if you are doing it yourself.

And if you want to hire a brand expert and a design company we are talking about several thousands of dollars up front - and that's why a lot of network marketers and affiliate marketers don't even start working on their own brand.

We want to help as many nework marketers and affiliate marketers and it doesn't have to cost half the amount of money you would otherwise spend.

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