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Should You Brand Yourself If You’re In Network Marketing

Here’s a little myth that I want to debunk right now.

There are Leaders in Network Marketing that are telling their teams that they do not need to brand themselves but they have a whole system set up with a website and funnel for themselves. Now telling your team that you don’t need to personally brand yourself, well, this is simply not true and here is one reason that this is happening.

It is so much easier to show people in your team how to pitch and talk to family and friends then to actually teach them how to brand themselves. This is so much work and the leaders just do not want to take the time to teach this. Also, branding isn’t cookie cutter so you can’t just build a whole system and have everyone use the same one.

Here is another huge factor.

They want the new people to start bringing in sales to show that just talking to family, friends, and people on social media is the real deal. They want to show results.

It is time to raise the profession of Network Marketing to a higher standard and in doing so we will have more people winning in this profession. This should be the goal especially how the world is shaping up.

Like I said before, it’s not easy to teach personal branding and can take some time. But by not doing so our businesses are very short lived. You can see this by how many people actually stick to network marketing. There can be a huge turnover. Just because that little time wasn’t taken in the beginning to talk about and implement personal branding.

People can also be apprehensive about building their brand because they feel like they have to be an expert. The mind chatter is how do I train or I don’t have enough results yet.

Please understand this.

You don’t have to be an expert trainer, or an expert in anything. What you need to do to start building your brand is give value and start building your own community.

Let people know you exist. You can have a website with a funnel. You can help your team by giving value to them to share with their people. You have to show up, be consistent, and be genuinely excited. As you do this your brand will evolve into the real you and how you want people to understand and perceive who you are and what you're about.

Lastly, by building your own personal brand your are setting yourself up for a longterm business not a short term venture.

When talking to people in your local vicinity or your warm market list this is a short term strategy. What a personal brand gives you is the long term game for success.

So if you’re reading this please understand that it can take a little time to build your brand but it is well worth it for you and your future success.

We here at webpreneur media have been helping many network marketers and affiliate marketers setup, design, and market their business/es - and position them in a way that people want to work with them - and not the other way around.... chasing leads and clients.

Setting up a proper branding website that attracts prospects to you takes hundreds of hours of learning and hundreds of hours on work if you are doing it yourself.

And if you want to hire a brand expert and a design company we are talking about several thousands of dollars up front - and that's why a lot of network marketers don't even start working on their own brand.

We want to help as many network marketers and it doesn't have to cost half the amount of money you would otherwise spend.

If you'd like to get this branding thing right the first time... or you may already have a website and you need help with re-designing it...

Get in touch with me... make an appointment and let's talk.

Go to and click on BRANDING & MARKETING DESIGN tab...

And setup an appointment with us... let's help you get this right the first time!


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