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Six Categories to Help Build Your Personal Brand Roadmap

Any business that starts out needs to know what there natural/raw materials are.

This holds true with online businesses and learning how to brand yourself for your own business. You need to determine what are your best natural resources to use and what not to use.

If you are marketing a business online you would have to determine what is the best course of action to take with the resources that the company gives you or what you can use on your own.

So it is the same for your own personal brand, you are the product and the resources.

As an individual that is working on your own personal brand you must discover or bring out your natural resources. These would be your natural talents, your abilities, skills, personality traits, interests, passions, desires, and preferences. So you need to look at all your natural resources and take inventory and conduct a true personal assessment of yourself. This really is an inside job.

You will need to look at both your positive and negative traits so you can determine how you want the market to view you.

Now I want to focus now on six categories of your natural resources that you should be assessing to start building your personal brand strategy. You will have a great deal of introspection during this whole process but I assure you it is well worth it. Be completely honest with yourself and you must also look at the negatives not just the positives of yourself.

The first category to look at is our strengths or what you are really good at which would include your abilities or skills. These are activities or tasks that you do really well which will be key in determining your personal brand.

The second category would be activities or tasks that you have the potential to be good at if you practiced them. As with anything if you practice the activity or task enough you will become an expert and master it.

The third category will be your faults and bad habits. Some people call these weaknesses but I like to call these areas of improvement which can give you the most growth. You can say that some of these faults or bad habits are procrastination, laziness, lack of focus, having a short temper, easily distracted, or being too talkative.

The fourth category would be your interest, desires and passions. One of the key ways that people change their bad habits or overcome their weaknesses is because of motivation and motivation often derives from your personal interests or desires. So when you're trying to figure out which skill areas you're going to focus on for improvement, considering your interests and desires can give you some critical insights in that decision process.

That's because you're more likely to spend time practicing something that you enjoy or something for which you have a more personal and meaningful purpose, rather than something that you're merely fixing because you consider it to be a weakness.

The fifth category is your very own personality. Some people we'll claim that your personality is inborn and cannot be changed. Others claim that traits and habits that typically are associated with a particular personality type can be changed fairly easily. What we do know is that understanding your personality can give you insights into which strengths you could or should develop as well as how to develop them.

The sixth and final category is your Core Values. The is the absolute set of rules of how you conduct and live your life. Your core values are also a general feeling by which you determine your willingness to think or act in a certain way.

Once you have gone through and assessed these six categories you can ask people around you how they view you.

This is a powerful exercise to discover yourself and what others think of you.

You will start by using post it notes. Give them to as many people as you can and ask them to write down one word that best describes you in their eyes. Then mix them all up and read through them. You can see what others think of you compared to how you view yourself. By doing this you can create a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s very likely that you will see yourself a little differently than others see you. By gaining their input you will gain some insights of what kind of person you are projecting outwards.

When you ask others what you bring to the table you might be pleasantly surprised by how much more they see in you compared to how you view yourself. This can show how you are totally undervaluing yourself. They can even give you positives that you didn’t even realize yourself.

This exercise can really show us how much we don’t know ourselves and all of the layers of negativity that have built up over the years.

By asking others you will get a much more well rounded and objective perspective of who you really are and what you have to offer.

By doing this preparation you will learn a lot about yourself and how others perceive you but also this is the blueprint for how you will personally brand yourself to the world. These steps will make your personal brand authentic to who you are and will attract people to you instead of chasing them.

We here at webpreneur media have been helping many network marketers and affiliate marketers setup, design, and market their business/es - and position them in a way that people want to work with them - and not the other way around.... chasing leads and clients.

Setting up a proper branding website that attracts prospects to you takes hundreds of hours of learning and hundreds of hours on work if you are doing it yourself.

And if you want to hire a brand expert and a design company we are talking about several thousands of dollars up front - and that's why a lot of network marketers and affiliate marketers don't even start working on their own brand.

We want to help as many nework marketers and affiliate marketers and it doesn't have to cost half the amount of money you would otherwise spend.

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Awesome article! Currently working with Martha to craft something for one of my projects...

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