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Six Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

What is personal branding and do you really need it to build your network marketing business on social media?

The answer would be Yes! Of course you do!!

In our previous blog post we talked about personal branding for network marketers and the benefits of having a good website and funnel. Today I want to give you 6 tips to build your personal brand on social media which when done together can really propel your business to success much quicker.

Please understand this because many people make this mistake. There is a difference between what personal branding is and what branding your company is. These are two separate entities.

Personal branding is a marketing strategy where you build a brand around the main product which is YOU!

You are what inspires people by sharing your message and your story. People will be attracted by your story and you before they even know what your business is about.

People will not be attracted to you just spamming your social media profiles or walls with flyers about a company and their products. Doing so you are branding the company and not you and also not getting any attention at all.

If you want to increase your social media engagement on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and YouTube you must identify what is your message going to be. Who are you? What are your experiences that you’ve gone through and how can others relate to you. What are the solutions that you can share with your friends and followers regarding their obstacles and how they can overcome them.

Your personal message, experiences, and your personal story are way more powerful than a company and product story.

By really putting time into this you will realize how easy it is to use attraction marketing and how you can stand out more than others to also position yourself to be an influencer on social media.

Now you can do all of this on all platforms, I do not recommend all. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to come up with content. Each platform has a different audience so one piece of content might not be good for another but you can use a scheduler, but I don’t always recommend using them because of the algorithms for each platform. Facebook has it’s own scheduler so that would be fine but when you use an outside app that can be an issue with the algorithms.

So now let’s go through the Six Tips for Personal Branding on Social Media.

The First Tip is Have an Awesome Logo

The logo can be your first and last name. When you create an image or a quote you can use your logo to help brand you. You can go to for help on that or you can open an account with They have a free and paid version and you can use them to create posts and your logo that can really stand out.

The Second Tip is Write your Bio so that you Stand Out From the Crowd

Your bio is your mission statement, it is who you are. After reading it people should instantly know what your about. What you love, how you can help them, and what your likes and dislikes are. This is very powerful and will help you stand out. This bio will also help you weed out people who aren’t really interested in you and hone in on your target audience. This bio should also be the same on all of your social media platforms.

The Third Tip is Use a High Quality Profile Image

The picture should be you and not your children and husband. It’s your profile and you are branding YOU. See if you have a recent really good picture. Don’t use pictures from back in high school, that’s not who you are now.

The Fourth Tip is Creating a Social Media Template

You can also create these in your account. This way your brand stays color consistent and design consistent. In other words when someone views the template they will automatically know it is you. It also helps to lessen what you have to do when creating content. It will be one less thing to worry about. Now, that’s branding!

The Fifth Tip is Be Consistent

I’m going back to scheduling here. An easy solution for this is to find out what your busiest platform is and manually post on those so the algorithms don’t go out of control on you. Always post manually on your personal profile on facebook, never use a scheduler. On the other platforms you can use a scheduler because you want that consistency.

The Sixth Tip is Create a Content Calendar

This will really make you stand out because you're consistent. You know what you're posting. Every content that you do can wrap around what you're doing that day.

Your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter stories can all match the content when you are using a content scheduler. This will keep you dependable. People will know that no matter what they can come to your page on any platform and find your good content. Find which content scheduler works best for you. There are so many out there to choose from with different functions and pricing.

We here at webpreneur media have been helping many network marketers and affiliate marketers setup, design, and market their business/es - and position them in a way that people want to work with them - and not the other way around.... chasing leads and clients.

Setting up a proper branding website that attracts prospects to you takes hundreds of hours of learning and hundreds of hours on work if you are doing it yourself.

And if you want to hire a brand expert and a design company we are talking about several thousands of dollars up front - and that's why a lot of network marketers don't even start working on their own brand.

We want to help as many network marketers and it doesn't have to cost half the amount of money you would otherwise spend.

If you'd like to get this branding thing right the first time... or you may already have a website and you need help with re-designing it...

Get in touch with me... make an appointment and let's talk.

Go to and click on BRANDING & MARKETING DESIGN tab...

And setup an appointment with us... let's help you get this right the first time!


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