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Skyrocket Your Conversions with These Opt in Form Tips

Collect Very Minimum Info For First Contact

Today let’s talk about Landing page opt in forms and the importance of the Form Length.

Only ask for information that is necessary and or relevant to fulfill on the promise of the opt in page.  So for example if the promise is that you are going to get on the phone with them and have a conversation then it only makes sense that you ask for the phone number on the opt in form.

If you’re just going to be sending them an eBook there is no reason to ask for the phone number.

Now all of this also depends on where they are in your marketing funnel and their relationship with you.  So typically on the first interaction ask for as little as possible.

If this is the first time they have interacted with your business and they don’t know who you are don’t be asking for a lot of details.

At this stage because they don’t know you, only ask for their email and maybe their first name.

If you have a funnel where you are speaking to existing customers, speaking with people who have already engaged with your brand, or even re-targeting people who have read a bunch of your content,  now it would make more sense if you ask for their name, email, or phone number.

2 Step Form

Should you use a 2 step opt in form?

I get asked this question a lot and my answer always is to do a split test.    The 2 step form is when your visitor clicks on the button to sign up and a light box module pops up for them to give their info.

We have used the 2 step form and the typical opt in form on our landing pages and I will say with the 2 step sometimes give us a higher conversion but depending on the traffic source has also given us a lower conversion so you really have to test this for  yourself.  This is definitely a worthwhile split test to do to see where you get the higher opt ins.

Call To Action Button

Finally let’s talk about the CTA ( Call to Action) button.

  1. Always use a contrasting color

  2. Make it bold so it clearly stands out but it’s not obnoxious

  3. Create urgency

  4. Personalize the content (make it customer centric)

  5. Position after you’ve introduced the offer, made your big promise, and shared the main benefits.

These are a few basic landing  page design elements for you to take away.  These are very important concepts when it comes to adding and creating the actual data collection forms on your capture page. 

You have several important decisions to make so it’s important to understand these key concepts.


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