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The "Can You Spot The Dog" Trick To Going Viral

The "Can You Spot The Dog" Trick To Going Viral

If you go to Reddit and search for, “Can you spot the dog,” you’ll find a variety of photographs that each contain a hidden dog.

People LOVE this type of picture because they get a little serotonin hit when they find the dog. And they love to share these pictures with their friends, too.

How can you use this in your social media marketing?

Find or take photos that are relevant to your niche and have something hidden in them. It doesn’t have to be a dog; it can be anything. The important thing is that it is somehow tied to your niche, with bonus points if it ties to one of your products. And then share these photos with your followers.

Take this up a notch by branding the photos with your name or website.

And consider compiling a dozen or so of these photos and putting them onto your site.

“For more find the X photos, click here.”


This is fun for your followers and can bring you viral traffic. The only difficult thing might be creating or finding photos that are niche relevant. Obviously if your niche is pets, then this is easy. Any niche that can be represented visually can work. Maybe you teach crochet and have a cat? Make a series of photos of your cat well hidden in your crochet projects or yarn stash. You teach landscaping techniques and you have a dog? Easy-peasy – hide the dog in the landscape shots. If you don’t have a dog, hide a gnome.

But what if your product is a course on how to drive traffic? Maybe you have photos of traffic and you photoshop your product into the photos, hiding it in a car window or on a distant billboard.

Remember those books, “Where’s Waldo?” They were simply a series of 10 or so pictures with tons of detail and one hidden person – Waldo. And they sold like gangbusters because people LOVE the feeling of finding the hidden element.

Get creative and see how you can use the “Spot the Dog” trick in your business.

Can You Spot The Dog In This Picture?

The "Can You Spot The Dog" Trick To Going Viral



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