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The Greatest Investment You Can Make Is…

“As business owners and entrepreneurs we don’t get paid for the hours that we put into our business, We get paid for bringing Value to the Marketplace”

Your Greatest Investment you can make is in yourself and your personal value.

As entrepreneurs we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. So what does that mean, what is this value that we bring to the marketplace?

It all starts with your personal value (Self-Wealth) which is based on your unique knowledge, skills, experience, and your natural talents, strengths, personality, and abilities.

What’s great is that we all have that personal intrinsic value that we bring to the marketplace and we can also grow and increase this personal value as well.

What’s to understand here is your potential to create wealth is based on how you translate your personal value, your self wealth, how you translate this personal value into product or services that solves peoples problems and helps them attain their goals and dreams.

I am encouraging you to take a minute and stop reading to really think about this.

This is what creating wealth is all about….

How well you translate your personal value into products or services that solves peoples problems.

Let’s ask this question…

How can I become more valuable?

We want to invest in ourselves to become more valuable.

So you can do this by:

  1. Increasing your knowledge (training books, courses, events, workshops, masterminds, and coaching)

  2. Develop key skills (training, courses, events, and coaching)

Doing all of this will help you grow your experience, your confidence, which in turn increases your personal value that your then able to translate into products or services and your able to bring more value into the marketplace and create more income. If you want to make more money this is what we need to focus on.

The next question we should ask ourselves is:

How can I bring more value to the market?

So you want to ask yourself:

  1. What problems can I solve for my target market?

  2. What are their most pressing problems?

  3. What are their biggest problems?

Once you have these solved you will start asking yourself these questions:

  • How can I solve more problems?

  • How can I help more people?

  • How can I better serve my people?

By thinking about all these questions we are able to determine how you can bring more value to the marketplace.


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