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Two Steps To Success with Your Social Media for Business

A question that we get asked a lot at is:

“I started a social media marketing agency and I need clients. I have no network of business owners at the moment and I'm cold calling. What do you recommend for someone who starts a B2B business”?

This is a problem because you are basically starting a B2B business which is a social media marketing agency and you yourself are having problems using social media to get clients.

That is an issue and I hope you can see that. This would be like you trying to help someone quit smoking but you, yourself, smokes. If you can’t do it yourself then you cannot help them.

This would be a huge integrity issue for you if you are starting that agency and haven’t done it yourself.

Let’s assume you have the expertise and let’s assume you can do it for yourself. How do you get started?

If you're reading this, maybe you're thinking of using social media to grow your business and to promote your product and services.

Let me give you a Two Step Formula.

The First Step Would be is to Find Out Where Your Ideal Clients Are

Are they on LinkedIn? If you're selling B2B? I think LinkedIn is a very powerful platform because there are so many businesses on LinkedIn.

If you're selling B2C, business to consumer, then maybe Instagram, facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, or Twitter is the way to go. But you need to be clear on one thing, Who is your ideal customer and where do they hang out?

Now the biggest mistake most people make is that they try to use all of the above platforms. You really have to choose just one and that is the one where your ideal customers are.

When you try to use more than one of these platforms you will fail a hundred percent because each platform has its own uniqueness.

You're going to need to market to that audience very differently. The way you talk to them is different. Unless you grow a big team eventually to help with all of these, stick to one, especially when you are just getting started.

Once you choose the platform you will be working with you focus on mastering that platform one hundred percent, inside and out.

As you go along and you’re doing your marketing, as you create content, and as you add value, you will be learning also.

You'll get feedback and you can keep improving. Get every book you can read about that platform that you choose, take every program course that is offered. You can then master and implement the ideas that you get, reflect on the outcomes and learn from mistakes.

That is when you are the master of that platform and the market will respond. That's how you get going with social media marketing.

The Number Two Step is Sell Them Something

You need to sell something in exchange of money. You can’t just have a social media following and hope that maybe someday that will turn into money. The only purpose to be on social media is to bring in business.

I am on social media to make a profit, grow my company, and to build my brand. That's the only reason to be on social media. My goal is to impact people. You use social media as a tool and as a vehicle to grow your company, period!

What is your intent? What do you want your outcome to be? Why are you doing this?

Are you just doing a lot of activities and posts and getting likes and some comments. You have to sell your audience something.

Once you master the first step of finding your clients and where they are on the correct platform for you then selling will be so easy. You will know your audience and what they are looking for. Never treat social media as just for pleasure, it’s not. Social media is a huge marketplace where millions of people perform ecommerce transactions by the minute.

If you cannot overcome the problem that you have of selling you will always struggle with making money on social media. You need to combine social media with closing.


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