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What is Internet Co-Op Advertising?

When running an online business, the only thing that matters on a day-to-day basis is…. you guessed it… Traffic!

Since traffic is the most valuable thing for online businesses, it’s also the most expensive commodity for an online entrepreneur. Nonetheless, no online business can do without driving traffic.

Good traffic at a reasonable price is hard to come by. Unless you have a minimum of $5K in ad spend, each and every month, you’ll not be taken seriously by online media outlets. Google Adwords, and Facebook advertising have too many restrictions with high cost-per-click, that small business owners will not be able to keep advertising for long.

What is an Advertising Co-op?

Media outlets offer their best prices to people who have the budget to spend on a regular basis. If you approach an advertising platform with a minimum budget of $5K, they will usually give you more attention and their best price. An advertising co-op, is a cooperative body of people who wish to reach similar audiences, combine their ad spend together, to get the cheapest rates and best quality exposure.

That is why we have created an Advertising Co-op in 4 major niches, so that anyone with a budget of $100 / month can drive high quality traffic to their offers, get ongoing leads, and make daily sales.

Co-op members agree to purchase “Ad-shares”, for a certain amount of clicks. Ad shares are a monthly subscription, so that your offer gets a certain number of clicks each and every month. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime if you do not wish to participate in the advertising co-op.

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