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What is the most powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Business and Even for Your Life?

What is the most powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Business and Even for Your Life?

What is the MOST valuable thing you can GIVE...

  • To people who you love..

  • To people who you care about..

  • To your potential clients...

  • To your customers...

  • To your team...?

In my experience....

If you spend 5 minutes getting to know someone, helping someone, or just being there for someone...

They will never forget you.

This in my opinion is the most powerful connector.

And the most powerful Marketing Strategy.

Could you imagine living in a world where time was not a factor. I think it would be fantastic...but that is not the world we live in so it is just a dream.

Time is precious because it is a one-time-use commodity. With other commodities you can get them over and over again. But time is lost once used that's why it is a one-time use.

This means that time is priceless. It cannot be replaced by anything. You cannot replace your time..Once used it's lost.

Think of it this way, money and possessions can be lost and recovered again but time cannot. That's why it is so precious and should not be wasted.

Your time along with giving Value to others is even more powerful.

When you think about time that way you will not give it to things that will not help you grow as a person.

Be SELECTIVE with who you spend your time with.

Don't waste your time on negative people. They will not change. And you will become negative and feel that you wasted and lost valuable time that could have been spent on a more positive venture.

Use it with people who are important to you.

Time is Precious Because it is Very Short...There are only 24 hours in a day.

Time is Precious Because We Do Not Know How Much We Have...We never know what will happen in life so we want to spend it wisely.

Time is Precious Because Once It’s Gone It’s Gone...It's almost like a magic trick and POOF..It's gone.

Put your time to things that are productive for you and takes you closer to your dreams.

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