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Increase Your Sales & Cash-Flow Fast

Three key types of emails and it's benefits.

What should you write about in your broadcast emails.

How to engage and nurture relationships.

How to write emails for maximum impact and conversions

Swipes, action guides, checklists, content planners to organize your social media promotions

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in 'Email Copywriting - How To Write Emails That Sell'...

With Email Copywriting - How To Write Emails That Sell, you’ll get everything you need to WRITE, and SELL more of what you are selling directly to your email list and take your email marketing to the next level.  

"Email Copywriting - How To Write Emails That Sell" is a proven step-by-step plan to communicate and grow the type of email list that drives your business success.
Here's how...

With "Email Copywriting - How To Write Emails That Sell", no matter what business you're in, is probably struggling with some form of email marketing.  

If you are like most marketers...Then you want your readers to open your emails, read them all the way through, and then take action.

So you try out different subject lines, wording, timing, structure - anything you think might help.   

Still, you end up frustrated with the results you get.

But when you apply some best practices in your email copywriting, you can see their reader engagement and customer sales skyrocket.

You'll learn:

  • The 3 main types of marketing emails
  • The right types of email for different marketing messages
  • Best practices to meet your business goals with your emails
  • Choose the right email content to satisfy your customer's needs
  • Increase sales and profits without ‘selling’ in your emails
  • Write powerful email subject lines that boost your open rates
  • Create compelling calls to action in your emails
You'll even walk away with an Action Plan that implements your new email copywriting skills - with your goals, tasks, and deadlines for getting it all done.

Then use this new and updates course to...

  • Attract a flood of leads
  • Build your reputation
  • Provide resources for your clients
  • Sell more products and services

Course Modules Overview

Our ready-to-go program is divided into separate modules and lessons, so it can easily be broken up to avoid overwhelm and give time for implementation.
You'll kick-start the course by knowing what you'll be able to do by the time you're done and the results you can expect.

Module 1 – Why Good Email Copy is Essential to Your Marketing Success  

You may not know just how critical your email copy is, so you'll discover the benefits and evaluate it's unique needs.

Module 2 – The Three Key Types of Emails and Their Benefits

You'll discover the 3 main types of emails you should never ignore if they want to get ultimate success with your email marketing, no matter what business you are in.

Module 3 – What Should You Write About in Your Emails
You'll know what to write, and you'll never be short of ideas, along with the vital mindset you need to have before setting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Without this mindset, all your email marketing efforts will fall flat

Module 4 - How to Write Your Emails for Maximum Impact and Conversion

Email structure is just as important as wording, so you'll discover the best practice format to use that moves readers effortlessly through their emails from beginning to end. Even your shortest emails will become more engaging and your conversions will take off.

Module 5 – Email Best Practices and Sample Studies

You'll learn the best practices you should always keep in mind whenever writing any marketing emails, so that you'll always get the engagement and sales you're aiming for. You'll even get a couple examples of short, but high-converting emails.
Conclusion - Create Your Action Plan  
You'll finish up by putting together an action plan for your next steps, so that you can get maximum results from this course.


Proven materials to keep you on track...

You'll also get materials and guidelines included in this course that are proven to work for some of the most successful social media entrepreneurs.
Course Book

A 44-page Course Book which gives you content and activity instructions you can use to increase your online sales. You’d pay $1,500+ just to learn how to write emails that sell.

Action Guide

A 16-page Action Guide - which helps you take action on what you learn, so you’ll have a thriving business.
Best Practice Email Template
Best Email Practice Template - to guide you in writing the best possible emails (In .pptx, .pdf & .png)

Summary Cheat Sheet

An 18 Page Summary Cheat Sheet which you can quickly reference to save time, versus having to refer to the book every time (Customers love these!) 

Swipes To Use For Your Relationship Building Emails

Set up emails that'll attract your ideal clients to you. Customize them and use it for your own. Emails which give you pre-written tips to share to your lists
BONUS #1. Excuses for Mailing Your List - 50 proven examples you can try today.
BONUS #2. Pre-Written Opt-In Page Copy – 150 words of persuasive copy you can edit and plug into your preferred opt-in page template, so you can attract hot prospects who would be interested in your course.
BONUS #3. Pre-Written Sales Page Copy. 1084 words of persuasive sales copy you can customize for your course sales page. Use a template from a sales page editor, edit the sales copy to relate to your market.

So what does all of this cost?

You can see that Webpreneur Media Programs pack in a lot of value.  

That’s because as learning experts and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material AND we want to help you use it to attract clients and customers, so that everyone’s business grows.  

But don’t worry, the cost is going to be MUCH less than you think.  

Much less than it should be, based on the value of this program...  

Much less than courses that you'll buy from a self appointed guru in the marketing space...

(Plus, this is ready to implement in minutes, not months.)  

Much less than hiring a team to help you take care of your social media...  

And MUCH, MUCH less than learning how to promote yourself on social media by trial and error...  

...where you can waste time, lose money AND get zero sales.

Earn more money, work fewer hours, and become the authority in your market.  

All for significantly less than trying to do the same thing on your own.  

So, as part of this offer...  

You won't pay $1500...  

You won't pay $1000...

You won't even pay $500...


Get everything you need to start building a massive email list for your business!

Course Book


Action Guide


Audience Building Checklist  


Summary Cheat Sheet  


Emails & Swipes

ONLY $147

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“I've worked with Abe on numerous projects in last couple of years, consulting on copy and content. He's an excellent collaborator - always prepared, with great input, and fun to work with. He's also an expert on PPC advertising, driving traffic, and funnels - a veritable Internet Marketing wizard with (dare I say it?) decades of experience in the field. If you get a chance to work with him, for him, or alongside him, don't miss out. I'm glad I didn't.” -


Ivan Srsen, Copywriter & Content Strategy Expert.


“I am working with Abe now for several months. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his field, but also beyond helpful. Working with him has been a wonderful and rewarding experience, his helpfulness going the extra miles to make sure issues are addressed, using his outstanding marketing skills and knowledge is a breathe of fresh air.

His skills brought a lot of traffic to my site and helped my google ranking to go up tremendously. Abe is as good as it gets when it comes to marketing, SEO, etc. and his wonderful and helpful personality is just impeccable.”

Silvia Baumeister, Kitchner, Canada. Owner at

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